August 12, 2014, Week #3 The Longest Days of My Life


ok, so this week was pretty good.  Minus the part where i got sick on sunday.   All week, one of the hermanas en nuestra casa has been sick on and off, and then on Saturday night, mi compañera got sick too.  So i slept in the other room to save myself, and waoke up at 4:45 DRENCHED IN SWEAT and ruushed to the bathroom.  I barely made it and had a really rough day that day. Pero, i was really sick.  I think i lost 8 pounds that day.  I was absolutely miserable.


I am so grateful for our CCM doctor, Elder Gill.  He is this sweet old man that didnt sleep for like 2 days because he was going around to all the casas and diagnosing and saving people.   I was literally convinced that i was going to die.


I am praying for you guys every day. Being out here really has opened my eyes to the frivolity of “normal” life.  Who even cares? seriously, I was so caught up in the here and now at home, about how i looked and what i did and who i hung out with and what i watche dand all that. OUt here, all that is gone.  I am dealing with eternity out here.  I am trying so hard to change people eternities.  What they wear and watch and play is no big deal—why are we wasting our time with it all! the word of God is in thescriptures, the way to ETERNAL life is in the scritpires.  Yes, we are all resurrected, but (at least nin spanish) there is a big difference between living forever in our resurreected bodies and then having eterna.l LIFE.  la vida eterna.  And THIS is what i want.  VIDA ETERNA con mi Padre Eterno.

I love that.  nad I love Him.  He got me through some rough times this week.  i cnat tell you how sick i was.  I felt empty and i flt like i was wasting His time and the His church´s resources by being sick out here.  But he really helped me get through it.  There were miracles in my life that day.   All my companions were sick for a couple days., and i held strong., but on Sunday I got ROCKED HARD.   Harder than anyo of mis hermanas had.  It was like all there aches and pains and syymptoms and problems from the apst week hit me in one day and then left.  So i am so much better today and they are stil sick-im so grateful that i am not sick anymore–but i seriously got rocked that one day i hadd it.  The CCM doctor came to our casa twice specifically to chekc me.  it was kind of scary.  but i am totally fine now.  i even went running today.


MOM!!!! I LOVE PADDLEBOARDING!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, isnt it so fun!!??? man, it is relaxing and fun to toodle aroundin the harbor and see everyone else out for their stroll and check out the boats and smell the water and get that sun on you.  Oh, i love that.  Caili mcDaniel goes almost every weekend,  Her family LOVES it! I would not oppose if we dicided to get some paddle boards for our own enjoyment 🙂  I am so glad yoiu are doing that and that you are liking it! SO MUCH FUN!!!  I love you so much mama


Dad, i am sorry i was secretly mad at you in my head because i though you forgot to write me last week and i thought you forgot about me.  it is funny what your head does when you wait to email your fmaily and youre so excited and then it doesnt work out the way your plan.  I love you so much 🙂  }


E-man! How the heck are ya? how is your job? have you been surfing? also, i have heard baout the ROCKING fishing trip from Dad and Bren, but how did YOU like it’ I seriously want to go on a trip with you when we´re together again.  mom told me that skyler and his buddy are driving up to BYU idaho but stoppin g up the coast of CA for a week first.   WE MUST DO THIS WHEN WE´RE BOTH IN CHOOL AGAIN!!!! We´ll just take off a week early and have a rockin time.  that would be so much fun.  I sure love you.


In  my district, only my compañera and i are goignt o new york.  But there are 4 hermanas mas en nuestra casa que servirán en nuevo yyork.  SO that si cool.  My spanish is progressing.  While i run,. to keep track of the laps i say “cuando tenía (1 o 2 o 3o 4o o 5 etc) años, estaba….” and i tell everything i can in spanish that i can remember or that i have heard about about that year of my life.   it is fun and it helps me with all my tenses (tiempos) en español.


Not much has happened this week besides studying and being sick.  I tel ya, that sickness took it out of me and i cant even believe it is martes otra vez.  i finished el libro de mormón this week, pero i started in helaman 5 in español.  I have una meta (goal) to finish in totally in spanish while int eh CCM and i think i can accomplish this goal.  I read outloud and it helps my pronunciation and grammar and everything.  I am trying to get back to helaman 5 by 2 sept.   yo lo puedo!


I know the Lord is uniquely aware of our needs and circumstances.  He is so patient with me.   The letter has more baout this, i hope you get it soon.  I love him so much and am so hunbled by my call to His work and His glory.  How great is my call!!  I love you guys so much! Oh, and the elder litke motto thing, yeah i said that, but i didnt think it was super profound.  It just hit me one day.   EVERYONE is a child of God.  EVERYONE needs this message and needs to be in this church.   Whether it is official or not right now, they are members of the church.  They will be.  I love the Lord´s children and i am trying to show it more through my actions.  I am trying to turn outward more this week, even when i want to turn inward.


I love you guys!   have a great week!!!!


hermana Boud

sick not quite better


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