August 19, 2014 Week #4 Hola!

RIMG0161RIMG0164 Look! The Nacho Libre Bike!




Oh, mi familia! le amo mucho!


this has been the hardest, but BEST week eEVER!!!!  I am so blessed and I have grown so much in testimony and Spirit and coonviction and motivation and everything! My heart is so full with love for my savioiur and redeemer, my Brother and Friend!


please send me stories about granmda shirley and grnadma sharon and their faith and life and accomplishments.  YO AMO LAS ESCRITURAS!


I am reading through the Book of Mornon in ensñol and absolutely love it.  The stories STAND OUT and COME ALIVE with the slightly different voabulary.  The pictures painted in my head are different, and i think of the stories and the scriptures in a new light.  I LOVE the characters.  I LOVE NEFÏ .  I love him.  I love what he did for us.  He chose to ACT.  he is the best and such a powerful testimony of obedience.  I love it!


This week, the hermanas latinas en mi casita left for their various missions.  That was seriously so sad.   I LOVE the hermanas latinas because they are so humble and helpful and patient and kind to us.   I would go out of my way whenever i saw them to say hi and talk so I could spractice my spanish.-  They were so patient and helpful and awesome.  The night before they left, we all come togwether and took pictures and then we all bore our testimony.  It was so powerful.  right as our little testimony meeting started, it began to rain.  And then it was thundering and the living room would light up with lightning evry couple minutes. It was seriously so powerful. Those sweet Spanish sisters have such powerful testimonies.  I love them so much! They all, when it was their turn, one by one bore their testimonies and they ALL spoke to us and said that they know that we (gringas) are callled of God to serve Him and that we CAN learn spanish.  They all said that we were called to speak a different language because we have really big hearts and the intelligence to teach and love spanish people.  I butchered what they said, bbut it was seriously so incredible! I was filled with the spirit.  una hermana in particular, believed in us so strongly that her sweet words of encouragement about spanish and faith brought me to tears and i reached up and grabbed my heart.  The sweet ehrmana next to me said ” YOU CAN!”  I love those hermanas,  What incredible examples of faith and truth and virtue!!!!!


As a district (combined with another district) we played tag during out Gym time one day.  This was seriously SO much fun. Then we played sharks and minnows and i got my tail handed to me with those sprints!!! So fun.   We later found out that we are not supposed to play tag with elders.  Ooops.  but it was fun.  And we wont do it again.


Specific prayers.  Specific prayers are answered.  SPECIFICALLY! I had the sweetest experience last night.   We went to the temple today, and i have known this day was coming for a long time.  Meanwhile.  I have misplaced my camera charger.  Within seriously the first week i lost it and i was so casual about it.  I was sure it would just turn up one day. So in the meantime i was frugal with my camera use so that i wouldnt use my battery up.   The temple day got closer and closer and my camera battery was dwindling.  Yesterday it was just about dead.  and i desperately wanted it for the temple today.   So yesterday morning, i go up early and i said a specific p´rayer.  I told Father about my situation and about the temple and about how i had looked through all my luggage twice and in my closet and all the outlets in the house and could not find my charger.  I told him that i would work really hard that day in my studies and would ponder the places it could be.  I told him that i would get home that night at about 9:40, take a shower 8like usual), and then i would look long and hard for my camera.  I told Him i would stop looking at 10:30.   And so i began my search a little before 10 with a prayer. I said “Seá pues” (let it come to pass) that i will know where to look and how to look for my charger.  And so i began.  i looked and looked and looked, through my closet, all my drawers, in my shoes, in the bathroom,. in my carryon and then 1 of my big suitcases. I finally go tthe 2nd big suitcase–full of winter clothes and clothes that i use carefully so i wont ge tsick of all my clothes at once.   I looked through it,  Still nothing.  And then i felt like i should go through and refold all my clothes in there.  So i did.  i began with the scarves and worked my way through.  And then i hear something CLANG on the bottom of the suitcase.   And there it was. my charger. it had gotten wrapped up in one of my shirts!

I screamed in joy and gratiitude and knelt down in humility and thanks to my Lord and my GOd.  He is so mindful, even of the little things that are so unimportant in the long run (i.e. camera charger).  I love him so much! Say specific prayers about wheatevr it is youneed.  and then “Seá pues” and ask Him for what you want exactly.  present Him with a plan to work with!


I love being a missionary! The temple was incredible today, though it was closed.  We could only go into the visitor´s center.  But we had a tour and I felt the spirit.  I know this is the Lord´s church.  I KNOW it.  I love it! He is so real.  He lives! I love you all so much!


Fun fact: it is cloudy here a lot and the locals shoot cannons into the sky to break up the clouds.  It’s kind of like some voodoo thing, so that´s a little weird….but I still think it is awesome.


Be good! Be true! Please read the scriptures.  Read them like it was the first time.  Like your life depends on it.


Hermana Boud


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