August 26, 2014 Week #5 Hello From the Land Down Under!





¡Hóla! Oh, mi familia, le amo mucho.

This week was great.  So spiritually filling.  I have been really cracking down on my studies and trying hard to employ and use my spanish.  It is helping, but it is hard.  Not necessarily to speak, but to  even just remember to practice and speak .  English is so easy–its dumb,  I need to push myself and rememebr and practica practica practica!

My gut tells me that when i get to teh mission field my spanish will fail hard core as i hear the super fast Dominicans speak and their different aaccent.  I  am just so grateful that it is the Spirit that teaches.  All i have to do is love. Love is the universal language.   2 N 32:2–the tongue of angels is love.   and Love, thankfully, is a language i can speak.  I will conitnue to speak this language all the days of my life, but hopefully spanish will come too (ha).

We heard a devotional this week from elder bednar.  I just love what he said about being a “predicad mi evangelio” misionera–unerstand that you serve and represent JESUS CHRIST; be worthy; TREAUSURE up the words of eternal life; Understand that el Espíritu Santo is the ultimate and true teacher; and teaching is much more that talking and telling.     I just love all that.  When he talked about treasuring up the word he said to  relish it, to discover, explore, search, taste and taste again.  I love this.   The word of god really is the Scriptures.  They are an account of His dealings with His kids! And we are His kids, so we should read them! He also said that missionies just need to get out of the way of the Spirit.  It is the spirit ONLY that teaches. Really all you CAN do it testify and tell and read scriiptures and do everything else to bring the truth UNTO their hearts, but really it is theSpirit ONLY that can touch their hearts and bring the truth INTO them.  In sucha way that it becomes a part of them.  I am almost finished with the LdM (Libro de Mormón–finishing in Helaman 5 where i left off in english) and i just read about the anti´nefi-lehis, who were TRULY CONVERTED to the Lord.  They ABHORRED sin.  They would rather die, in fact they DID die rather than sin again.  i have been working with an investigator here who has a prioblem with la palabra de Sabiduría.  He is trying to break his addiction, but it is so hard.   I am just praying that the Spirit will work IN him in such a way that his beliefs in Christ become a PART of him.  So much that he is truly converted to the lord.   The anti nefi lehis put down ALL their weapons of war.  Every type.  I think of peoples addictions to pornography, to cafe, to beer and alcohol, or whatever it may be, but they entered in together and laid EVERY type of their personal weapons of war down and convenanted with god to never go back.  and they never did.  and the Lamanites came and destroyed them, but after thousands were coverted to the Lordbecause of their example and their )anti nefi lehis) conversions! and then the lamanites came again Alma 27 2-3.  and again, when the trial came to fight or not, they AGAIN withstood the temptation and were strong.  I love the nefitas role in this too, they were the support system.   they did not allow the people of ammon to take up arms again.  that is what good friends do–they support and encourage and even prohibit you from going back on your word, from endangering yourself (salvación) and losing sight of your eternal goal.  This is alot of what missionary work is–to IINVITE others to come to Christ, and then when they commit, to HELP them.  To help them KEEP those commitments.  To be a good friend–like the nefites who fought literally for them, who sacrificed and encouraged and labored for them.  I love that.  That is love.   that is the universal language.   that is the language of angels, and I am trying to get fluent in that.

Fails fo the week:

one of mis hermanas–hermana O´Brien from Arkansas said, instead of “Jesus heals the children” ….”Jesus EATS the children”.  That poor investigador.

I said, instead of “when you follow the profet, you will be blessed”…..” when you follow the profet you will be SOLD”. FAIL.  Correction–you will, in fact, ot be sold for following the prophet.  In fact, you will come and draw closer to Christ.

Last thing.  I have been thinking about the Saviour´s invitation to “Come, follow me”.  I don’t thinkHe meant just to the supermarket and the herd of sheep and then a fiesta at Galilee.  and he didn’t just mean into the waters of baptism either. He meant ALWAYS.  He meant “Come.  Come here right now and follow me everywhere i go! Yes, i am going to Gethsemane.  yes, i will be at Calvary, too. later.   and then in a grave.  But then with my Father.  So come along.  Dont linger and you better keep up!”  We are invited, commanded even, to come and follow Christ. This may mean that we will have to pass through a gethsemane of our  very own, even to a bloody Calvary and then top our graves.  But that is what enduring to the end is all about! And then, the glorious resurrección! The time where all souls will be reunited with their bodies and we will all enter into God´s presence.  He was resurrected.  And so will we.

Now, why would he invite us to do something, command us to follow him, if we could not, in fact, come along.  WE CAN.  Because He DID, we CAN.  He is the way.  THE way.   So buckle up because iIm sliding into heaven on my knees, bruised and broken and thirsty and maybe even without both shoes on, but you better believe that I am going to be there! So come along!

I love you all so much!

Hermana Boud


I have a twin!


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