August 5, 2014 Week #2

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I LOVE YOU SO MUHC!!! I am so stinking happy out here.  What willie said is exactly true.  A time out, but in such a loving and familiar way.  I am finding that i thought i put my life on hold–my schooling, my family, my friends, my hobbies, boys, etc-but really, all i have done is put the Lord first and then all these things are falling into their place.  I am thinking clearly about school and my mind is being opened to possibilities and ideas that I hadnt considered yet.  I feel like i am growing closer to my family each day andto my friends as well as i pray for you all and sincerely strive to get to know my Father and His Son and the Spirit better.  It is incredible what i am, learning.


Spanish–i stinking love español.  I have a goal to read the whole book of mormon in spniah while at the CCM and i think heavenly father with help me with this.  I study hard every day and he is blessing me with the gift of tongues.  I can speak well adn understand really well.  mis maestos give me special assignments to do to get the nitty-gritty spanish grammar down, I feel so blessed by heavenly father as i strive to learn this labnguage sopo i can be an more efective tool in his hands.  When i learn it for myself, it goes slow, but when i learn it for Him–then, oh boy–miracles happpenb.  My tongue is loosed and my ears are opened and i can help mis investigadores.  I loev the Lord with all my heart.


I have learned that i am a freak.  All i want to do is study and learn.   Half the day we have class with a teacher and the other 5 hours is self-motivated teaching and studying.  I try to use every minute of this time, and i still feeel like there isnt enough of it! i love studying the language and practicando y  toda.  Pero mi distrito….No.  Pero, toda es bien.  I love my companion.  We are so different.  I learn from her in her drama-theatre-way.  She is a good gir.l and she strives to do what is right.  As i study more and more about the savior and the atonement and blessings and obedience, I see that he blesses me individually for my efforts.   For my goals.  For my time i put into things. AND i will continue to be blessed if i have patience and charity.   I hope that sounded alright.


I love your personification of baptism.  LOVE THAT.  Seriously, I am going to look into that more and study about that this week.  About the NT lessons, I think that i just wished that i had printed them and takken them before i left.  There si valuable lessons n there.  Dont worry about sending it all down here.  I cant print anything here.  uI just take pictures of your emails and then read them later if i dont have time to finish reading in my hour on the computer.


This week we have had some seriously crazy rain.  SERIOUSLY.  It rains p´ractically everyday here, but we had some major storms.  It started raining, like usual, but then t just kept going and raining hard.  I swear, the drops were the sixze of olfballs.  Then it started to rain completely sideways as the wind picked up.  I was sitting in the comodor (meal place) and looking out the window at the tree bending so far over I thought they would snap at any minurte.  We had to go out side to get to our next class.  I had to run and jump over the river of water going down the gutter.  There are huge rain gutter hole-grates in the street, and still, there was a foot fo water in the street! You could not distinguish between the curb and the gorund.  You could not see the grass anymore, the water came up out of the street, over the curb and about and inch high on the trees, so it just looked like the trees were coming out of the water and there was no ground.  We ran to class and in that 50 yards got absolutely SOAKED.  even though i had my umbrella ( i forgot my jacket). Then it started hailing and lightning was everywhere.  I swear it hit the building I was in at least 3 times.   our little room would totally light up, and then 1 or 2 seconds later CRACK!!!!!!!! it shook us and the building.  It was so incredible! Branches flying and hail coming down the sizo of hot tamales (when in ball form).  It was crazy.


I have been reading in 3 nefi and i just love that book.  It is incredible to me.  The people see christ, and when they see him–hosanna! or SALVANOS (save us) in spanish.  i love that.  and then the first thing He teaches them after they exclaim save us is baptism.  Isnt that incredible? baptism.  I overlooked its importance and siginificane all my life.  Also, 3 nefi capítulo 7.  Nefi was an EYE WITNESS to the savior´s ministry.  An eye witness.  how incredible is that?? heI have a hunch (my interpretation of the text) as the world was going up in flames (total wickedness) and everything was going wrong–for chapters and pages we hear only of the wickedness of the eople.  aand then, out of seemingly noweher, nefi pops up.  And i love what it says (i dont have my english scriptures with me) but it is something like, and nefi being faithful to the lord was take p by the spirit (or soomething like that).  I just love that.  EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is wicked, and nefi is just holding strong and being faithful.  And he even becomes–somehow–an eye witness of the savior and his ministry.  COMO???!!! (how).  I have  ahunch thathe had a vision or was taken physically by the spirit to see Jesus in jeruslaem.  he sees all the miracles that he does and then, what does he do? he comes back and starts preaching to the people, and does THE SAME MIRACLES  THAT CHRIST DID!!! He healed the sick, he cast out devils, he even raised his brother from the dead.  Once he saw what Christ could do, and nefi realized-knew who he (nefi) was in realtion to Christ–that is, he knew that he could do all things through faiin jesus christ–he went out and “did” Christ.  He did what Christ did.  And I love what a scripture says in there (i dont remenmber which verse)–so great was nefi´s faith that the people “COULD NOT DISBELIEVE HIS WORDS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoa!!!!


Talk about a missionary. I want to be like that.  I want to have faith so strong that people can feel it.  people can see it.  and people will KNOW tha Jesus IS THE Christ.  I love that.  I love Him.


I want our family–our whole family–to be sealed together forever.  I want to go to the temple with ,y whole family when i get home.  My goal as a missionary is not baptisms.  It is the temple.  I dont just want people to get baptized.  NO.  I want to see and be with my investigadores en el templo.  This means everything to me.


please watch Elder Holland´s MTC Devotional at the provo MTC.  i bet you can find it online.   Its an hour, but the best hour you can spend.  I love it.  IT was in january 2013 i think.


I love you all so much!!!! So much.  I am so stoked for Nattie and thePeej and their new home!! WOOHOO!!!!  I am so stoked to here about the boys!!! I want to come next time!!! I love those pictures you sent me of dad and bren and theirfish.  I lovemy boys.  How is little buddy doing?  When is he getting his patriarchal blessing??  How are the Dunns? have they said anything else about church or anything?  Also, did you ever hear from the lady (i think her name is Susan) that i met on the plane and talked about the gospel with?  How are the interns!!??? I miss them so much.   We are women, we are multitaskers.  I am wholly devoted and so happy 🙂


I have had a couple bad dreams.  I am glad to know that everyone is good at home 🙂 maybe i am subcounciously worried about you guys, but all day i am so envelpoed in the work of the lord i dont have time to let my mind go there until i sleep.  Maybe (ha).  Love you guys!!!


Same time next week (probablamente).


Hermana Boud


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