July 23, 2014 Just Arrived

Hola mi familia, estoy muy feliz hora.  I got on the plane alright and made my first contact on my flight to Phoenix.  A woman named Susan.  we talked the whole time about religion and israel and where im going and what im doing.  I gave her a picture of jesus christ that i had in my scriptures (the one the mareadys gave me).  I wrote my name and our home ohone number on the back of it (i dont know why I didnt think to write my missionary address).   Anyway, she is from seal beach area and she said that she would call you guys and ask more about the church.  Please be a misisonary to her.   She is very spiritual, but not super religious (how she put it).

we just had dinner and i am trying to make friends.   i have yet to meet my companion, but i am hopeful that ill meet her tonight.   i am so grateful to be here and i love this land.  the workers are so kind here and have welcomed us all very well.   I cant wait to dig in tomorrow, tonight is mainly just unpakcing and resting..  my eyes are hurting me.  that is my only complaint.

my pday is on tuesday, so expect another email then.  i am forsaking english and it is helping already.   the key is to really put yourself out there, knowing that you will probably not understand, but try anyway.  I am one of the only ones that seems to be doing that and i already feel so much fmore comfortable and happy and excited and calm than everyone else.   Lots of people are nervous and quiet, but ill get them out of their shells.

i love you guys!!!!

Hermana Boud


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