July 29, 2014 Week #1

Hey!!! as i have been wmailing other people, my mind has been opened to some things you probably want to know.  the campus is so beautiful.  It is incredible and green and lush.  It POURS rain almost everyy afternoon.  I dont go anywhere without my umbrella and i usually grab my jack at lunch because it just DUMPS rain.  Like seriously a foot of it.  it is incredible.  The CCM is surrounded by luscious green mountains that have very small homes climbing up the mountain side–like ghetto homes like in Israel.  They are sll different colors, though, and i love looking out to the,. They are all sorts of blues and greens, pinks and purples.  It is great.   The CCM is huge, there is a track and tons of soccer fields and playgrounds and little casitas all around.  All the sisters live in these casitas, and the elders in the dorms.  We are the lucky ones because they are so fun adn beautiful (mine is purple).

The food is great, and it is so fun to see all the workers around talking and working happily.  EVERYONE says hello and asks you how you are.  It is so great and such a friendly atmosphere.  The trees are tall and broad, and there are benches outside where you can study if you dont want to be inside.

I am so dedicated to learning Español.   I want to be fluent so badly.  I have a goal to read the entire BOM in español while in the CCM. It is slow and hard,but the Lord is helping me as I try.

I am a very cute Hermana–hipster even (ha!) here.  I love it and it is so funny because so many of us have the smae clothes.  Pero esta bien porque we are going to differnt places.  I had a random craving for swedish fish last night.   I have held off on dessert thus far (besides one bite of rice pudding).  I am trying hard to be diligent and disciplined in all i do.  The Lord is blessing me for it.

THe thing i love most is the colors of this land.  There is a bar right outside the CCM and we can hear all the people and the music blasting at night.  this is such a great place.  I love it.  Every morning there are fireworks because every da is a different Saints day.  And the people qwith that saint wake up at 5 or 6 to blow off their fireworks.

I am out of time, but I am so happy and so grateful.  I love my mission.  I cant wait to meet those in New York and serve them.  But I know there are no coincidences, and I am making friends and love los misioneros en la CCM.

Love you guys!

Hermana Boud


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