September 1, 2014 Week #6 Hola!


My district. Aren’t we dazzling?!


dont mind (or fear…) the photo bomber with hermana Kunz and me


see the big moth?!


Shout out to Nat and Peej and Ethan and Ash and Bren: Mosiah 10:7-12 = the battle at helm´s deep.  Seriously.



How the heck are ya?? I am so good.  And i cant even believe i head out of here in approximately 8 hours! AHH!!! I am seriosuly hoping that I can get some sleep.  But you know what, if not, whatever, because I am serving a missin and the Lord needs me awake and firing.  So I am going to do that anyway (though I will try to get some sleep–i leave at 3:30 tomorrow morning).


This week i have thought a lot about what it means to serve God with all my heart, might, mind, and strength.  En español es corazón, alma, mente, y fuerza.  Alma means soul.  I love that.  and to go about this, i thought about fe, esperanza, y caridad.  And i would just like to make a shout out that if we really do STUDY the scritpures, go in with a question and SEEK and examine the scriptures, your mind will be opened and you will see and understand like you never have before.  This happens to me everyday, and I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost in my life–the ultimate teacher that explains through feelings and thoughts. in your MIND and in your HEART (D&C 8).  Entonces, pay attencion a these! To your mind and your heart! And furthermore, if these are the places the Spirit works with us, how great the importance of having a clean and pure and earnest mind and heart! Oh, i love it.


Anyway, Faith: we´ve always heard it is a principle of acción.  yeah, cool insight hermana boud.  But what then, are hope and chairty? principles of action también?  I think they are.  and i never thought about them that way.  This lovely trio is a tri-fecta principle of action! We need to exercise our faith to grow it.  Entonces, we need to exercise, i say, our hope and charity too! How else are they to grow?! i dont have it in english with me… and i am a dork because i also dont remember the reference, i just jotted it down in my notebook.  But here it is, ill do a rough translation”nd what is it ye shall hope for? that in some day you will rest from all your affliciones.” and this one too “hope of eternal salvation; they viewed death with no degree of terror, because of their HOPE tand the concepts of Cristo and the resurrección”.  Im sorry i dont have those references, but that last one in towards the end of Alma with the stripling warriors.  I love those boys.   Hope was their vehicle of conquering fear.  and faith was their vehicle of fighting.  of fighting for everything that they held close and dear.  And chaity–how else IN THE WORLD are we to develop charity is we do not “experiement on the word of christ”–namely charity?  it is a principle of POWER! think of it, the resurreccion of Cristo es poder! Alma 7:11-13.  1 N 19:9.  The atonement is charity.  I love Lucas 7:12-15. Christ sees the woman, observes the need, and then fills the need.  She is with a multide of people, and HE is the one that says WEEP NOT.  He is the one that comforts her. He has compassion on her.  He feels what she feels.  He comforts her.   And He is a witness of himself in all places! Now think o fyour baptismal covenant–it is to do this.  It is to mourn with and comfort and help and feel for and serve others.  It is to help others have LIFE.  and this is ultimately what he gave that woman–her son back.  And this is ultimately what he gives to all of us! LIFE!!! and it is all because of his love for us.  because of his CHARITY!.  So if the atonement makes us live, and charity makes us live…. if a+b=c, and a+b=d, then c and d must be the same.  So charity is the atonement.  And charity is what we need, becuase without it we are nothing.  I love the Saviour.  And without Him, I am nothing.


I love this work with all my heart! I am so happy and i love being here.  Even if i am plagued my mexican diseases every now and then. I cant even believe that i only have 16 and half months left.  What the heck? where did it go? I havent even started serving and i dont have enough time. I love this and i am so ready to hit the ground running.  The Lord didnt make me to sit still.  and i am sliding into heaven on my knees, shoes untied and shirt untucked, hair crazy and dirt on my face! I am SO STOKED!!!

The Lord lives. He is always the answer.  And i love Him.


Hermana Boud


my district and hermana Lira!


life is tough at the CCM for sisters that shop in exactly the same stores


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