September 3, 2014 Week #7 Hello from Concourse, the Bronx

Hey! Hola!

Wow. I don’t even know where this week went or where I am or what I’m

doing. But I am here. I am currently assigned in Kingsbridge in

the western half of the Bronx. So far we had some meetings this

morning and then I settled into my apartment, unpacked and we went

grocery shopping. That was an experience! My first time out here, just

walking the streets of the Bronx. I know people told me this but I

didn’t quite realize all the way that I’d be the only gringa out here.

Literally it is my companion and me. I love it!! There are languages

all around and everyone speaks Spanish. That is no surprise to me! But

they all do. I will learn quickly here. I love it. I truly do feel

like I’m in a different country. The streets and sights and smells and

people and the things they sell at the grocery store–it is foreign.


I love my companion, her name is Hermana Card and she is way awesome.

She is from Utah and is 23 and is a crossfit trainer. I hope she kicks

my butt. We live by ourselves above a member family off of Webster

Avenue. She has been here for only 6 weeks so she is getting used to

the area too. We have our first teaching appointment tonight (several)

and I am nervous. But so excited. I’m tired but stoked. I just want to

be at the level of these missionaries who’ve been out and have their

feet under them a bit more. I know it will come with time.


I saw Cecilia Wilkes today and Karch Smith!! Woohoo!! What a wonderful

blast from the past to see these two, my good friends and fellow

servants of The Lord!


Here is what I am currently most excited about: on the airplane I had

the opportunity to share the gospel with a few people. Myiu know,

looking as inconspicuous with my name tag, it was ever so hard to bring up.

Anyway, I was able to hand out two Books of Mormon and offer one

to another but was told he already had one (slightly awkward….)

The second one warms my soul more than anything. I sat next to a woman

named Jule and she is so awesome. She is probably 50 or so, she has

two grand babies. We talked the whole three hours from Atlanta to NY.

It was awesome. She is married and a fervent Methodist. But, I hesitate

to say that because more than anything, she is a fervent believer in

Christ. And I just love that. We all are. Whatever –soy Mormona. But

what does that mean? A follower and disciple of Christ. Anyway, we

talked for hours and I feel like we have known each other for years. We

talked of Christ, rejoiced in Christ, and shared our experiences and

emotions about Christ. At the end if the flight, I asked if I could

share something with her. I gave her a Book of Mormon and shared the

first and last 2 paragraphs with her. And I invited her to read and to

ask and to know. It was a powerful and tender experience as I looked

at her in a way that I feel is similar to the way The Lord looks at each

of us. “Please, read. Please follow, please come to me. Come home to

me”. And I had tears in my eyes as I testified of Jose Smith and

Thomas S. Monson and Jesus Christ. She had tears in her eyes too and

told me she would. She would read and follow through on my invitation.

I gave her a picture of Christ with my email on the back and I am

hoping and praying that she will remember me and follow through and

write to me.


The Lord prepares people for us to meet and love and teach and learn

from!! I love you so much! Keep me in your prayers please as I embark

on this foreign land.


Hermana Boud


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