September 10, 2014 Week #8 Bronx: 356 Hermanas: 7

on bridge

On Brooklyn Bridge

Hola!! How the heck are ya?!

The title: because the Bronx is always one step ahead of us. Hermana

Card and I play this little game to point fun at how lame we are in the

middle of all the craziness of the Bronx. It’s so funny!  For example,

the other day we were trying to get to an appointment, and we were on

the wawa (bus). The person lived on 165 or something. And there was a

stop at 158th, so we stayed on for another stop to get a little closer.

FAIL! The next stop was at 178th (we didn’t realize we were on an

express bus that skips some stops)  so we ran off the bus and across the

street and barely made it onto the bus going the opposite way only to

get dropped off at 158th again! The first bus wasn’t express, we just

failed hardcore at the navigation and either way would have to walk

quite a few blocks. So funny! I bet Heavenly Father was giggling as he

watched us running around trying to get there.

I am doing SO well!! I just love my mission. They weren’t kidding

when they said it was hard. My first days were the hardest, but I am

so glad that I came in with the desire to hit the ground running. That

is everything! The culture shock is gone (mostly) and I am living


Here are some things I have learned so far:

Be sure to watch the ground as you walk so you don’t accidentally step

in some of the unidentified poop that happens to be EVERYWHERE. And if

you do, you just got “Bronxed”.

The wawas (buses)!and metro are your best friend. And your metro card

is your dearest possession.

My new name is snow bunny. Don’t answer to this. Also the many honks

that seem to never end.

It’s better to just not ask sometimes…

There are more than 6 ways to kill a cockroach.

Weekly planning is the best and makes daily planning about 700% more

efficient and easy.

ALL the elevators in the projects have pee in them and smell like

(fill in creative content here)

Hand sanitizer is also your best friend (sorry Mrs. Kerr).

Missions are hard. But it’s in the scriptures–Ether 12:27–that it

would be hard. We are coming unto Christ. And therefore we are shown

our weaknesses. All the things that weren’t a big deal or could be

covered up or something are made plain and clear. They are, in fact,

weak. But we are made strong.

Today we went to the city–Manhattan–for play. So fun!! So so fun. I

can see why NY city is so attractive to people. It is happening! It is

hip and fast and has everything.  Bustling and busy. Not really my

liking for living for the rest of my life, but the energy there sure

is contagious.


My first P-Day in the Big City – Times Square!

This week was just incredible. We have an investigator who we

committed to baptism. She is so great. She is young but very smart and

has some spunk–something would be wrong if you me someone here who

didn’t have spunk. She always stops us and says, “wait.  PREGUNTA”.

It’s awesome. She was just glowing after she made the decision to be

baptized and kept saying the lyrics to that song “I love it”. Ha!

We have so many less actives here. So many. It is insane. So most of

our work is with them. We try so hard to get them to church. It is

hard. Their lives are so hard–they have health and financial and

emotional and abusive and every other type of problem. It is so sad.

My eyes are open a little wider to all the blessings I have enjoyed

and–frankly–expected my whole life. I didn’t realize they were

blessings. I am just so grateful for my family. For our health and

safety. And that we are together.

with sister

We visit a less active member every week who is in her 70s or so. She is so awesome! The only reason she is

“less active” is because she is so old and can’t take the bus anymore

to church and lives much too far away to walk to the chapel. There are

such good people here. I love them. I wish I could be everything and

solve everything and give everything to them. But I feel so blessed to

be a “spectator” as I watch The Lord work miracles in their lives.

And, I am finding that as I watch, I am being changed. He does it

slowly but surely. He does   it gently but firmly. He is incredible. I

love that my mission objective is to be converted (the doctrine of

Christ is how we are converted). I am walking this road, a lifelong

journey. And I know and can feel Him right there next to me, helping

me along and helping me do what is right and necessary and good and


I love you all so much! So much. I keep you in my prayers.

Hermana Boud

hermana card

Hermana Card and me


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