November 12, 2014 Week #17 Another Day, another week!


Hey hey hey!

Well, this week flew by in such a strange manner. We had an awesome Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  AWESOME. And since Sunday we have been in because Hermana Card is sick. Bless her heart–she has something nasty. And I don’t know how I have steered clear of it–Heavenly Father is blessing me and keeping me healthy. I hope she feels better soon–she is miserable with this!

Needless to say I am going slightly crazy being inside for so many days.  And most of my time is alone because Hermana Card is sleeping.  It has given me the chance to dive into Jesus the Christ–wow. I love that book. It is rich and deep and intellectual and thorough. Very thorough–I love it. And I love the introduction and the explanation of how it came to be–I always imagine the author sitting in a quiet room in the temple writing and thinking and preparing this for us all. What a testimony!


Here’s the week:

On Friday we went to Hermana Camejo’s home to help her move. We thought it would be an hour or two, maybe, especially with all the missionaries helping.  Wrong! It turned into a most-of-the-day affair. But it was great. I love her! She is a little (tiny) Ecuadorean woman who is just about to turn 80. After we finished, she told us that her daughter was out getting some pizza for us and she would be back in just a minute. We waited, waited, waited…for a long time. And she insisted that we not leave until we had some pizza.  I was stressing out about some appointments we were missing, but I just said a little prayer that Heavenly Father would help me be where I was–fully. So I used the time to get to know Hermana Camejo a little more. Oh, I just love her. She is such a sweet woman and taught me a new word–dama–from Ecuador (I think). It means woman, but a higher and more respected and classy woman. She is a dama. She is polished and kind and wonderful. She felt so bad because we were so hungry and waiting for so long. She set out to make avena–oatmeal. I wanted to help her and she taught me a new way to make it! It was basically a gallon of boiled milk with some cinnamon and just a little oatmeal. Not really oatmeal–more hot milk with some oats. But it was so delicious! I loved those few moments we shared making that for everyone.


Oh, I forgot to tell you: I was a snow bunny for Halloween. (Ha).

Out here, everyone listens to such great and random music. Once, while we were waiting at the bus stop, that song from Good Burger was blasting out of someone’s car –the one where they are all dancing in the asylum. You know what I’m talking about? I love that song. I was trying so hard not to bust a move. Anyway, I thought of you 🙂

On Saturday, we had an awesome visit with a sister in the ward that reminds me so much of mom and grandma. She is always singing, and literally sang to us throughout our meal at her home. It was the best! She is witty and smart and quick–and so gangster. It reminds me of gramma and mom and CUJ rattling off poems and rhymes. So great! When we left, we popped out of the elevator in her project building and there was a group of 4 older people talking about some antichrist that is on the news or something (I am so out of the loop with no internet, so if I am crazy with my assumptions or guesses, just ignore me). I looked at Hermana Card and smiled and said, “Here we go!”  She wasn’t feeling very well, so she was just ready to come along for the ride. We walked up, weapon of choice in hand (Book of Mormon and Restoration pamphlet) and just went for it. It was so awesome! We explained who we were and that it was our role and purpose to teach truth–to teach about Jesus Christ. We read from Mosiah about the Savior and His atonement and they loved it. We talked for a long time with them and answered their questions. We started talking about truth and how we could know if Christ was coming or here or anything–thank you Moroni 10:4-5.  They LOVED it. We gave that book to them and their information and are going to visit as soon as Hermana Card is back on her feet. I am so stoked to see them again! Walking into blessings every day! Every minute.

Status report: Juana is an angel.  I love her so much! We taught the Word of Wisdom on Saturday and I was a little nervous about it because she drinks coffee. We had given her the pamphlet last week, and when we started teaching, she practically recited the pamphlet to us and basically testified of it’s truthfulness. Incredible! I am pretty sure that she quit drinking coffee the day she read it–last week. She talked a lot about how coffee and smoking is a huge cultural thing in the DR and how it doesn’t mean anything. I was so nervous when she said that because I thought it was leading into her justifying her drinking it. Nope! Just as quickly as she brought up the tradition, she put it away with her testimony and faith in Christ. She kept saying how she felt bad that she was drinking it and doing so many things that she didn’t know was bad. And then she just looked at us and smiled and said, “But now I know.  And I believe that it is true. My faith is helping me be who He wants me to be.”

I love her. I am so excited for her to keep progressing. I am so excited to see her! I hope Hermana Card is feeling better soon so we can visit.

I read this in some talk, I don’t remember which one, but here it is:

“An old saying teaches that you can count the number of seeds in a single apple, but you can’t count the number of apples in a single seed. The harvest is the Lord’s. Your responsibility is to thrust in the sickle.”

Wow. I love that! Sometimes a mission is hard simply because you can’t see the fruit of your efforts. You can’t see the great trees that will be sprouting up tomorrow, next week, next year, or in the next life. But you know what? The harvest isn’t mine. It is the Lord’s. I am a planter of seeds–my job is to spread as many as I can. And I am thrusting in my sickle for the seeds that have been planted in days, weeks, and years passed by other missionaries and members. I am grateful to be able to thrust in my sickle, but I am grateful, too, to just plant seeds. I can’t wait to see the fruit!

Well, I basically love you love you love you. Oh so much. I love this work. It is hard, but it is good and I know the Lord has a plan for each and every one of us. Have a great week! And when a trial comes your way, “force a smile, glance heavenward, and say, ‘I know what this is, a chance to prove myself, isn’t it?'”  Prove yourself! I sure am trying.

All my love,

Hermana Boud


It’s time to bundle up!



Same old me. Me!


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