November 26, 2014 Week #19 New companion–look out!


First time to try mole. So good!

Alright! Hola hola hola! How is everyone?!

Man, the mission is the best. My heart is so full. I can’t help but keep thinking of the words to the Battle Hymn of the Republic. “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord…”  That is how I feel. My eyes have seen His glory. My eyes have seen His hand and his gentle touch in my life and in the lives of those around me. And “as He died to make men holy” I am determined to “live to make men free!”  That hymn–to me–is the anthem of missionary work. It is glorious.


Saying good bye to Hermana Card. Sweet tears!

We had transfers today and…drum roll….I am still in the Bronx. Home sweet home (ha), but…drum roll…I received a new companion! Hermana Card is off to Stamford and Hermana Alexander and I are taking over the area! We have a new set of elders coming in to take over where we used to work, and we are taking over all the elders’ areas in our district to work with all the women there. We have been doing this for the past two cycles, but still had our own little section to worry about. Now we really have so much ground to cover and all of it, really, is our official area now. Crazy! We are stoked!


Polka dots: Hermana Hall (had an appendicitis on the mission! And still going strong. Awesome). Hermana Card in blue and yellow 🙂 and with green is Hermana Alexander!!

Hermana Alexander is the bomb. She is from Northern California from Lakeport.  She plays softball for BYU Hawaii and is just great. We lived in the same casita in the CCM which means that, yes, we both just finished being trained and we’re both in our third cycle out here. Crazy! We are a little nervous, but we both are hard workers and want to just keep going.  I know the Lord will help us as we consecrate our efforts to Him and His gospel.

We had Dorivee’s funeral this Sunday–Dorivee is an angel in our ward that passed away from cancer this week. She fought for ten years. She used to be a Cover Girl model and so her funeral was just crazy! There were famous and fancy people and… was just crazy. The funeral was all about the plan of salvation. Before she passed, she wrote out the program and made specific demands about how things were to be. It was to be all about the plan of salvation and all the missionaries were to be there. We handed out pamphlets and gave our number and talked to a bunch of people. It was just incredible. I love her so much and I am so grateful for her.

Also on Sunday, we had the Primary Program–my favorite Sunday. It was golden and so so precious. And on top of that blessing, we had our new investigator, Guille and her three kids, as well as her sister, Alejandra and her two kids, and Derlin all come to church! They are all progressing so well and loved church. Guille and Alejandra are both in their twenties and are from Mexico. They loved church and are so sweet. We are so stoked to keep working with them.

Status report on Juana–we think her brother passed away because she randomly took off to the DR. Anyway, we’ll keep you posted, but keep her in your prayers. She is such a sweetheart and I am so agitated that the adversary is getting in her way SO MUCH as she prepares for baptism.

The Church has announced a giant Christmas Initiative for this year, and I want everyone’s support and activity with it! It is called “He is the Gift.” There is a video on and it is so awesome. On top of that, the church has purchased the biggest jumbotron in Times Square with a huge advertisement and Mormon messages about Christmas going on. The point of it all is to help people remember what Christmas is. Why it is.  It is Christ. It is to celebrate the first gift that the world ever received–the precious gift of our Savior from our loving Father.

Anyway, check the video out! Show it to friends, show it to neighbors, to who you sit next to–everyone. I feel so stoked because the heart of the program (kind of) is in Manhattan–in my mission.  I feel so fired up to help the world discover, embrace and share this precious gift of our Savior. The Mission President talked to us today at transfers about it and he said that this will be one of–if not the–most effective way to find those that truly are seeking Christ. Let’s find them! Let’s help them on their way home.

Here’s a thought: I was reading in Helaman 10-11 and thought it was interesting that Nephi was left all alone after his great speech. And then he just was going home and thinking/pondering. I wonder if he was discouraged because he delivered a powerful testimony and it just led to everyone arguing and leaving. He had done his part and, seemingly, it had had no effect on the people.  I wonder if his thoughts were along the lines of: what am I even doing? What am I doing wrong? I am working hard, why do I still feel discouraged and sad? Does the Lord even know I am here and trying to do this? (This is TOTALLY my speculations and just thoughts–not doctrine).

And then the Lord comes and answers. We don’t have in the scriptures exactly what Nephi was thinking about, but I am guessing based on the answer the Lord gives–a HUGE blessing and then an identification. The Lord says, “thou art Nephi, and I am God.” I thought for a long time about why the Lord would say that, of all things, to Nephi. It seems kind of random. But then, when I consider that the Lord has all power and knows all things, and that He gave this response, I can’t help but think that He was answering the, perhaps, unsaid question that lingered in Nephi’s heart–who am I? Or better yet–does the Lord know who I am?

And there you have the answer–“thou art Nephi and I am God.” In essence, I feel like the Lord is saying, “Yes, I know you. I now what you’re doing and that     you are trying.  I see your efforts and I know you. So stand up a little straighter and keep going, because I am God. And I am on your side and you’re doing great.”

Talk about being motivated and strengthened and sustained by the Lord. Enough to carry on and get moving and do so with more hope in our hearts and happiness in our souls! Our eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. His truth is marching forward. And He is right there with us!  I love is gospel. I love the Lord. I know this is true and right and happiness and peace.

I am sorry this was semi-spastic this week–transfers left me with less time to think this through. Nevertheless, I love you all so much! So.  Much. Have a great week! Be true.

Hermana Boud


Homework time!


More homework time


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