February 25, 2015 Week #32 The sun is shining

So exhausted and so cold and so ready for bed after a long day.

So exhausted and so cold and so ready for bed after a long day.

I am SO STOKED that winter is finally leaving (but the weather reports

say otherwise). The sun is coming out earlier and it is so awesome.

What a blessing! Though I may or may NOT be looking forward to

daylight savings.

This week was so awesome. The Lord is blessing us so much. SO MUCH! My

eyes are opening more and more each day as we just carry on and keep

going. To everyone else, I guess, the miracles we see are so small and

so “coincidental,” but I know it is the Lord. He is changing me to see

His hand and trust in it, too.

It is absolutely liberating to trust in someone so grand and kind and

loving and forgiving as our Father.

Our primary lesson was awesome. It was so funny I feared I would wet

my pants at times. We taught about prophets and did a fun

demonstration–we had a bag full of treats and a bag full of notebooks

and lame stuff. We asked the class which bag had the treats. They

didn’t know and the guesses were scattered. Then, we picked one of our

girls and had her come up to the front.

She looked in the bags and sat back down. Then we took a vote

again–which bag had the treats?  All the kids had their eyes fixed on

her as we cast our votes again. They ALL followed her as she voted

for the second bag. We asked one of the kids why and she said that

Samantha had seen the treats and knew where they were. Another girl

practically shouted as she got it–“Samantha was like a prophet!” YUP.

She was like a prophet. She saw the goodies. She knew which bag they

were in and she led the whole class to get a treat.  That little

demonstration hit me so hard–President Monson knows the way. He has

seen the “treats”. He knows what to do and how to do it and he’s going

to help us if only we look and listen and follow.


Sacrament meeting. I think we all feel like that sometimes.

Marian is still struggling with her work schedule. On top of that, she

hasn’t been following through with her commitments recently. I’m

honestly worried and aching a little as I wonder. BUT, Dios sabe. He

knows. It will be ok. I know it. I just hope that my will is in line

with what He knows will happen….otherwise my little heart might


We can’t get a hold of several of our new investigators, so that has

been a trial. BUT, we did get a new investigator as we tried to look

one of them up. AND the woman we found is MARRIED with a brand new

baby. AND when we asked her if we could come back another time (She

cut us off as we started teaching) she said, “well yeah, but I want my

husband to be here. That’s why I don’t want to talk too much about it

today. I want us to be together as we learn.”  OH MY GOSH. Can you say

miracle and/or music to my ears? What a blessing! We have a lesson on

Friday, and it will be the first family lesson I have had on my

mission (family meaning wife and husband both there and listening and

investigating). I am so stoked!!!!

Throwback: I have been keeping in touch with Isis–I wrote her a

letter and she wrote me back– (pronounced EESEESE–not to be confused

with the world going up in flames right now….) and her husband is

getting baptized and they are all doing so well. The Lord is so good.

I am so happy!

We had an absolutely incredible lesson with a new investigator named

Connie. She has a baby boy named Ethan. I love that baby. He is always

smiling. ALWAYS. And he eats everything–or tries to. It’s hilarious.

Every time I go over I think of my little brother. Shoutout: I love

you, Ethan! Ok, anyway, we taught the Plan of Salvation and the gospel

of Jesus Christ. It was incredible. Connie is about 30 and her mom was

baptized about 20 years ago in Ecuador.  Her mom longs SO badly for

Connie and her boyfriend to be baptized. The boyfriend doesn’t seem

very interested…,but we are still hoping. Anyway, back to the

lesson: it was so spirit filled and so amazing. I can’t say it enough.

Where we came from, where we are going, why we are here, what the heck

we are even supposed to do while on this earth, etc.  After we went

through it all, I looked at Connie and told her about her little boy,

Ethan. He had just come from the presence of his Father, he had chosen

to come to earth and follow Jesus Christ.  With that as a backdrop, I

asked her, “with your understanding of where Ethan just came from, how do

you feel about your calling as a mother?”  Her eyes got wide and lit

up and she shot a frantic glance at Ethan–sleeping in her mother’s

arms. It was so powerful. I felt like I saw the spirit literally touch

her heart. Open it up and help her see who she was. Who her baby boy

is. We read D&C 18:10 about the worth of souls and…man.  It was so

awesome. We are so excited to go back and see how she feels. The ball

is in her court–pray! Come to church! I know 9:30 is early! (Yeah

right, try getting up for the gym at 5:45 everyday). Read in that

little blue book!

Oh, this was HILARIOUS: There is this lady in our ward named Erminda.

She is a RIOT. She is just so happy and kind and funny. She has a

booming and classic laugh that lights up the room. Her daughter is

absolutely awesome–Samantha–she is 23 or 24 and is the seminary

teacher. She is THE bomb. They were sitting in front of us during

Relief Society in the back corner.  The lesson finally got underway and

things hushed up, but Samantha and Erminda kept giggling to each other

and listening and then throwing in their comments to one another and

giggling and learning. It is awesome. It actually reminds me a lot of

my mom and I–maybe that’s why I have such a tender spot for them.

Anyway, at one point, the teacher read a scripture and told everyone

to be really quiet and still and listen to their hearts about

“someding o ruther” and it got really quiet. They were letting that

scripture sink into their souls and then Sam whispered

something to Erminda that had Erminda just about explode with laughter.

Instead of letting out her giant roar, she went for the


I was DYING. I love them. I love our ward so much.

Samantha (left) and Erminda. I know I am such a stalker.

Samantha (left) and Erminda. I know I am such a stalker.

We are headed to the temple tonight with one of Hermana Molina’s

recent converts–Rosa (baptized in December). She is an ANGEL and

seriously eats and sleeps and drinks and breaths the gospel. She is

amazing. I’m so stoked for baptisms tonight!!

I don’t even know what else to say. The work is good. Life is good.

It’s always a good time. Also, shout out to Sister Puckett and Sister

Cooper for their emails and updates on the Cristianitos Ward. Man, I

can’t even believe the fire and excitement of it all. Missions right

and left, YW having their New Beginnings.   So fun. I love our ward.

So don’t forget it. I love being a Cristianita. I’ll forever be one.

I am seriously out of time and don’t even know where to begin in

regard to a spiritual thought or what I am learning. I will just say

this: there would have been no atonement except for the character of


He turns outward only. He loves only. As I have studied and pondered

and wondered this week, I learned a little more about how He truly had

the power to satisfy His OWN needs at any time. He could have turned

the stones into bread. He could have jumped from the temple and had

Angels protect hIm and be totally unharmed. He could have had ALL the

glory and fame of the world.  He could have. Satan (referring to Satan

coming after Christ’s fast) insisted on tempting Him again and again

in a very pointed and twisted way–“IF thou be the Son of God…”

Why did he throw in that IF? What a jerk. Satan was doing exactly what

he does with all of us (though to a lesser scale). He was presenting

the opportunity to doubt His divine nature. Satan was trying to make

Christ doubt whether or not He was, indeed, the Son of God.  Trying to

make Him doubt whether the Father really did love Him or not.

Satan does that to me all the time and I think he is such a bum for it.

He tries to make us doubt who we are and where we came from. He tries

to have us forget and be blind to the GLORIOUS future ahead of

us–yeah, one of CELESTIAL GLORY–that is our’s to have BECAUSE WE ARE

children of the Most High. We do have that potential. We do have light

and truth and happiness and promise and joy and every good thing ahead

of us.

Christ turned outward always. After agonizing pain in Gethsemane, he

healed that guy’s ear even though that guy was taking Him to His

certain death. On the cross he charged John to take care of His dear

mother, Mary. He pleaded with His Father that He would “forgive them,

for they know not what they do.”  He consoled the others hanging on

their crosses with Him and told them they will rest with Him in

paradise. He sent Angels to John after His own super long and

exhausting fast and being tempted by Satan (JST).

He turns out. He looks outward. He has ALL power, and He ONLY uses it

to bless others. To bless you and to bless me. To save us all and to

reach and touch us all.

I love Him so much. My mind is blown and my heart is full.

Have a great week! Be true.

Hermana Boud.

P.S. I am LAME and seriously took 2 pictures this week. Sorry. I know

those are always the best part. I’ll be better.

Please note how much my companion looks like the Grinch.

Please note how much my companion looks like the Grinch.


This is what the trains look like as of right now–frozen and freezing.


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