April 1, 2015 Week #37 Transfers…

Well, here is the news! I am staying in Olmstead and something kind of funny happened. They are downsizing our mission a bit, and there are a lot of areas being combined.  Hence, Hermana Molina got transferred out along with one of our roommates, and I am combining areas with the other sister remaining–Hermana Millett. On top of that, we are training a new missionary–Hermana Fink! She is a STAR. Happy and spunky and fun, from Bakersfield California.  She is an ATHLETE, TOO!!! Finally!! Ha. I am so stoked. She played volleyball for BYU Hawaii and is 6’3″. Hermana Millett is 5’10”. I’m 5’7″. Dang it.

I finally know how Natalie must feel…. (Ha).

Anyway, things are absolutely hectic today with transfers and trying to get Hermana Fink all settled and good.

This week was a blur with packing and the HE LIVES initiative, and church and women’s conference and everything. Man! Denisse and Naomi are n Florida for the next two weeks for a job interview and scoping out homes down there. I am crossing my fingers that they won’t find one….but I know that is selfish. I just hope the Lord will send more people to find them if they move down there. You know what? Scratch that. I will find where they go and the missionaries there and get them into contact somehow. They’re too prepared to let slip through the cracks!

The women’s conference was awesome. It was just great. We set up for most of the afternoon trying to get the technical stuff and the tables and everything out and ready, and then we had a GREAT turnout!! It was amazing and the Lord blessed us so much. He continues to do so again and again.

Friday was awesome–the best part being Luis coming up to us (an investigator) and telling us with so much light and peace and hope and happiness in his eyes that Heavenly Father was listening to him when he prayed. That God was making the way for Luis to make it in school and figure things out with his job and family. It was such a beautiful and tender thing to see Luis so happy and at peace. Just confident in knowing that the future IS, indeed, bright. He is progressing so much and doing SO well. I love him so much and am so proud of all the progress that he is making. The Lord is so good.

Church was great–primary was a disaster/nightmare/grand time. The other sister missionaries were sick so we had to combine the two primary classes. That was INSANE!! And to top it off, it was the Easter lesson. We had 19 kids ranging from three years old to 11 and…just crazy. Hard to target each age group and keep them all engaged and active and participating. I don’t think we succeeded with it all. But, there it is. We sure tried. And, if anything, it was hilarious.

It was tough saying goodbye to Hermana Molina. I love her very much. She has taught me so many things. SO MANY. She helped me grow in so many ways–ways that I didn’t even know were in desperate need to grow. She is awesome and I miss her. But the Lord has a plan and here we are. Or, here I am. Trio training in the Bronx.


On our way to one of our last lessons together, several very eventful things happened–I guess the Bronx was saying goodbye to Hermana Molina. We saw a man peeing by a car, a man practicing taekwondo moves on a parking meter, and undercover cops bust out and go after some people in a car. “Farewell, Hermana Molina!” Ha. What a life.

Sorry this is so short, but….that’s how it has to be this week. Love you all!! So much. The Lord is moving His work forward. I know that. He will trust you if you give Him something to trust. If you show Him you are willing and ready and desiring to understand and be and do more. He will always give that to His faithful children who WORK. Our ward mission leader left us with a wonderful thought at correlation last night–reading from Ephesians 6. He looked at us, with a broken, yet faithful heart (his father just passed away this week) and told us how we MUST feast on the scriptures. They truly will tell you all things and what you should do. They will be the words you need when an investigator is seeking. That armor of God must be put on DAILY! So that we can be a representative of the Lord and be a good one. Be one to bring about much righteousness and goodness and HOPE in the world. In each person’s life.

The scriptures are so powerful. I love them. So much. Feast!

Love you!

Hermana Boud


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