April 15, 2015 Week #39 Mmm Hmm



Hello all!!

This week was great. I am short on time this week so…bear with me as I speed through the miracles.

Our investigator Connie is doing AWESOME. She has come so far. She is glowing and shining and so happy. So much happier than she was. She is the best! In our last lesson, we taught about personal revelation and how the Book of Mormon fills us with the Spirit and answers the questions of our souls. I have experienced that time and time again.  And Connie has too. She is tearing through and told us how she feels empty, almost like she is hungry, when she doesn’t read. Last cycle, she was not interested in baptism AT ALL because she was not going to get married. We have been inching our way through and trying to help her see the blessing of the commandments. She is really seeing and feeling the music of the gospel as she has been reading and praying each day. At the end of our lesson yesterday, she herself brought up baptism and said, “Ok.  I feel like I need to be baptized.  But I still don’t want to be married.”  We explained the law of chastity again and she looked at us and looked down. I have such a good feeling. I can’t even tell you how far she has come. We invited her to pray about marriage and baptism, and I KNOW she is going to get an answer. And  I am SO STOKED FOR IT!!!

The Bronx is TOTALLY AWESOME. The sun is shining and the people are coming out and being kinder and happier. It is just awesome to feel the sunshine and see some grass. I have missed it so much! I didn’t even realize it.

An Ecuadorean meal....yum! Potato tortillas with fried eggs and hot dogs. Prime.

An Ecuadorean meal….yum! Potato tortillas with fried eggs and hot dogs. Prime.

Our other investigators are doing super well, too. Including some serious miracles–all having to do with SERIOUSLY EVERYONE plateauing off because they aren’t married and……some obstacles being overcome with that and hopefully some marriages and baptisms in the future!! I am so stoked!!

Isis–from my last area–emailed and told me that her husband was baptized and they are planning to get sealed in the temple next year. She just went to the temple with Erickson and had an INCREDIBLE experience. I am so grateful. I am so happy. I feel so full.

One thought before I sign off–Lehi’s vision. The tree and the building and the river. And the rod. The river separates the tree from the building. FILTHINESS separates the LOVE OF GOD from PRIDE. At is so interesting to me. FILTHINESS is the line. Filthiness is the difference. No wonder we must strip ourselves of pride and all ungodliness!! That is the line! We can’t come close to it!! We can’t.


Also, this was absolutely inspiring–from our bishop. He is a convert and so CONVERTED.  About the law of the fast he said (regarding when he was first baptized), “I will fast or die.”  He went on to say how he doesnt care if he is prepared or has eaten or not. He will fast or die. He wants those blessings. He would die for them–for his discipleship.

I know that sounds a little crazy, but I just loved that. I want to be that devoted. I want to be fully converted to the Lord and FULLY willing to obey, whether I’m prepared or not.

I love this gospel. I know it is true.

I love you! Have a great week!!

Hermana Boud


Mind your civil servants

Mind your civil servants


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