April 22, 2015 week #40 Happy Earth Day



I am so excited. I love this earth. I am going to buy a flower today.  Flowers have been something I have missed DEARLY on my mission. I miss plants and nature. But, it’s earth day AND pday, so there is NOTHING holding me back from treating myself to a flower. I love flowers.

This week was sweet–and crazy/hectic. Here is some news: our trio got split up.  We received a call on Monday from President Morgan and he told us we were going to split and I would keep training Hermana Fink, and Hermana Millett would go back to her old area (still in our ward) with a new companion – Hermana Pressley, who is AWESOME – that was coming back out after getting SUPER sick out here. She got some sort of bacterial infection and lost tons of weight and….anyway, she is back and FIRED UP.  I love her so much already. She is such a sweetheart and a hard worker and a disciple of Christ.

Waiting for Hermana Pressley

Waiting for Hermana Pressley

And here she is!

And here she is!

Anyway, we had to spend all of Monday rearranging our apartment to have two study areas and set up the bunk beds, etc. so we would be ready to receive her.  Yesterday, we got picked up by the APs and they took us to meet President and Hermana Morgan at the airport to meet Hermana Pressley. Ha, I was just thinking this last week that the next time I am in an airport is when I’ll be going home….NOT. We sat in the observation deck for a bit and watched all the planes landing and taking off, each to their own spot and journey and destination ahead. It was beautiful and so fun.

Anyway, stoked to be companions with Hermana Fink and stoked to have Hermana Pressley here. The transition just feels right. I love my companions, but I’ll be honest: trios are WEIRD. Just too many brains to coordinate and feelings and…I don’t know. It was good while it lasted, but I’m stoked to be in a normal companionship again.

Just being honest.  My opinion.



Just kidding! It's still just me :)

Just kidding! It’s still just me 🙂

This was PRICELESS: Connie is awesome. We had a lesson with her on Friday and I was on CLOUD NINE coming in. During the last lesson she brought up baptism and she was going to be praying about it during the week until we met again. I was SO sure she would receive an answer right away and I was SO SURE as to what the answer was going to be. And you know what, I am still so sure. But we walked in and we asked her what she thought and she said she didn’t get an answer. She didn’t feel like her prayer was answered, but sweet Connie looked at us all smiles and said, “I guess I’ll just keep trying and wait for it to come. I know it will.”  She is so awesome. During that lesson we found out she had a SUPER STRONG addiction to coffee. She knows about the word of wisdom, and knows she needs to give up coffee, but she loves it so much. We challenged her to stop and we saw her on Sunday and she was so stoked to tell us she didn’t have coffee that morning. I was STOKED!!!!! Sacrament was a STRUGGLE because her little baby, Ethan, was crazy. The only thing that eventually got him to calm down was sucking on my name tag. He loves that thing. Oh well, it worked. Anyway, I TOTALLY busted up because the intermediate hymn was “In Our Lovely Deseret” (that’s what it is in English, right?). The one where it talks about tea and coffee and us having “none.” Ha! I was singing loud and proud (love our ward) and Connie was following along and then we got halfway through that line and she stopped singing and looked closely at the words and I turned to Hermana Millett and tried to say something or whatever, but I was just trying to cover up my giant roar of laughter.

After the meeting she commented about the song and we both laughed SO hard. So prime. I love it.

We had an awesome lesson with our new investigator, Rose, this week. We are seeing her again tonight and I’m stoked. She about FLIPPED when we taught about modern prophets and testified of President Monson. I love him.  She was so stoked and just overwhelmed when we told her. “What does he look like? Where is he? What is he saying?” etc.  So cool. I love the gospel. It is SO true.

We also had a lesson with a new investigator named Lady. She is awesome (but in the other sisters’ area now). We sat down to just do our how to begin teaching and establish her op and our expectations and explain who we are and why we were there. She asked tons of questions about knowing what was truth and what wasn’t and she handed us this little book about all the religions and started talking about “what we believe.”  I stopped her and testified of the reality of our mission call to teach what we know is true, and explained that we were there to teach her, and she would be learning from three disciples and representatives of Christ.  Then the atmosphere changed and she listened. And she opened up–it was amazing. At the end of the lesson, she grabbed her heart and said, “I feel like I haven’t had inner peace or happiness forever. And I didn’t know I was missing it.”  We testified that that inner peace and happiness she wants is here – it is found in Christ.

There was just such a sweet spirit as she prayed for the first time and spoke with her Heavenly Father. I love it.

I love my city

I love my city. So much color!

We are out in Manhattan for the day. I bought two shirts. I am on a rampage. I am stoked and SO HAPPY.  The sun is shining and I feel good.

Have a wonderful week! I love you all so much. Have a wonderful week and a great Earth Day! 🌎

Hermana Boud

P.S. Halfway mark this week. Weird. See ya in 9 months!!

Not sure if this is Banksy but we like it.

Not sure if this is Banksy but we like it.


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