June 3, 2015 Week #46 Birthdays and Rainy Days

Happy birthday to me wearing the wrong shoes for rain! :/

Happy birthday to me wearing the wrong shoes for rain! :/


It’s been raining for the past couple days. Today is NICE, though.

STOKED. But it was pretty funny with Hermana Geiger and I caught out

on Sunday with one umbrella running from building to building. Ha!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Seriously–I felt so good and

loved.  Thanks!


We had stake conference this weekend and it was INCREDIBLE. Really. We

had Elder Donnagan (spelling?) come and instruct us all.  And I felt

the Spirit testify. I know that man is called of God and I believe his

words. I felt full and empowered as I sat and left those meetings. A

lot of the messages were about families, but particularly about Sabbath

day observance.  Ha! That is just what we need for some of our

investigators! Sabbath day observance. It being a sacred day. Truly a

holy day. A time for renovation and worship–one whose observance

brings heaps and heaps of blessings. One sister said that it is a

demonstration of your love for and commitment to God. How you keep

your thoughts and attitude that day is a large reflection of your

personal righteousness–your desires to be obedient and true and love

the Lord with every part of you.

That pricked my heart. I feel like Sundays are the most stressful days

for me! I am sitting there trying to remember everyone’s name and

turning to look at the door every five seconds to see if the person

coming in is an investigator or a less active member. Someone we’ve

been working with and inviting and trying to help. Then praying so

hard during the talks that whoever I am sitting with will have a

spiritual experience and answer to prayer and witness of truth from

the Spirit. How is that for relaxing?

That’s probably not the most healthy way to spend your church worship

time…  Stressed and a little bummed when someone doesn’t show up.

Well, I think there is a happy medium that can be reached–still

focusing on others and making sure they are with members and

everything, while also listening and feeling the spirit for yourself.

There is a balance–I’ll keep working on finding it.

One thought, though: my looking for investigators and praying and

hoping during the songs and speakers is a little stressful, but it has

made those five minutes I get alone with the Savior during the

sacrament so holy and sacred to me. That time I have to just think and

remember and rededicate and renew.  It is hallowed time. It is a

sacred experience.

I love the Savior.

I felt so blessed on Sunday to see all of my old peeps in Concourse

(stake conference as in Kingsbridge). I saw Derlin–she is such a

star. I’ve been thinking about her and just praying and hoping that

she is doing well. She is. She shines. Serving in the Primary and

happy. Always with Ilka–what a beautiful thing to enter the church

via a best friend. A faithful member.

I love them. What a blessing it was to see them!

On Monday, we went to the Leon’s for a double birthday party–Hermana

Leon’s is on June first. We had dinner and then cake. During the

birthday song, she came over and put her arm around my shoulders and

we got close to pretend blow out the candles, and then she shoved my

face in the cake!!!!!! I guess it is an Ecuadorean tradition. She GOT

me! Ha!! So fun. I love them.


Love you all so much! So much. Have a great week!

Hermana Boud


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