June 24, 2015 Week #49 Transfers



Well, it looks like I’m not a Bronx girl anymore. I’m off to Poughkeepsie (where in the heck even is that…?). To sum it up, it is bitter sweet. Really bitter. Sweet. I’ve said goodbye to our dear investigators and we have some baptismal dates set for July. I am bummed to be missing Rosa’s baptism, but I feel such a sweet peace by leaving it all in Hermana Geiger’s hands. She’ll keep it up and these people will be so blessed from her service.



6:24:15-4We have had an amazing week – just awesome.  The Lord is seriously so good! Only good. Here are a couple highlights:

Our investigator Veronica, is pregnant and worried about some pregnancy/health tests she has coming up. Really worried. She has not been able to be pregnant, and her little baby girl is a miracle – Veronica is in her mid-thirties. She has been worried and anxious. We started talking about the priesthood and offered her the opportunity to receive a blessing. She jumped on it. When the elders came over the next day with us, she was already in tears – so excited and faithful and hopeful. The blessing was absolutely beautiful – beautiful. Veronica was in tears the whole time and afterward didn’t have words, really, to express how she felt. There was such a sweet and tender and real spirit that was in that living room with us.

Rosa is still amazing. We set a baptismal date with her – for sure – on July 19.  She is so beautiful. So full of light and amazing. In our lesson on Monday, we taught the word of wisdom and law of chastity. When we asked how things were going with negotiations with her boyfriend about marriage, she was still in the process, but sure she can be married and ready by the 19th. With word of wisdom, she told us she was totally clean. What? We asked about her coffee that she loves so much, and she – so sweetly and so humbly – told us that she had quit two weeks ago.  She quit right after our first lesson with her. She used to drink about a gallon of coffee a day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner with this giant cup. Now, nothing. Cold turkey. She hinted at the headaches and how hard it was, but really didn’t acknowledge her suffering or the difficulty of it. She just did it. Gave it up and did what she needed so she could be baptized.

Rosa is absolutely amazing.


Elena Frias and her leopard gecko. YES.

With transfers happening I am so short on time! Sorry. But I am so stoked. My new companion is Hermana Vicino. I guess we translate in Spanish in both our wards (I serve in two wards – what?). I’m STOKED for that. Bring on the Spanish!

I love you all! Have an awesome week. The Lord lives. I love His work, and I Love Him. He truly is here. There is a sweet and different feeling here upstate. If is gorgeous. I love it.

President Morgan is leaving today. How I love him and his wife. I love them.  They are loyal to the core. I am so so grateful that I could serve with them.

What a beautiful life!

Hermana Boud.


Hermana Leon. Love her.


Goodbye to the Watermans!



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