August 5, 2015 week #54 Transfers

The beloved Jenn and Sharon. Sharon is on her way to the temple!!!

The beloved Jenn and Sharon. Sharon is on her way to the temple!!!


Hola familia,

Well transfers are today….staying in Poughkeepsie. Kind of saw it coming–though I was wondering if Heavenly Father would send me back to the Bronx for the last six months….(ha!). Hermana Vicino is going to Stamford, probably until the end of her mission.  I wonder if I’ll stay in Poughkeepsie until the end….?

We’ll see.

I am receiving Sister Fansler–and its her last cycle. SWEET! She’s probably stoked and I’m excited to help her end with a bang.

This week was great–our hike last Wednesday was really fun and the week took off from there. Still no Lyme Disease–so that’s a plus. One of the elders got it and half of his face is paralyzed…..poor guy. DON’T WANT THAT.

One of our investigators is finally seeing the light. Seeing some hope and growing in her faith. Her name is Sharon (we teach a lot of Sharons). She was raised with some very harsh/brutal religious beliefs. The result of which has led to some self hatred and an ever-lingering feeling of condemnation. It was so sad–every time I went over I just wanted to pick up the burden on her back and throw it out the window. As we kept seeing her, I’ve realized we’ve had to wrestle it from her.

We are winning the wrestling match (at least more than before). On Wednesday night last week we went over and had left “approaching the throne of God with confidence” on her door to read. She read it (like always) and this time was just LIT UP.  We cut the chit chat and started and she told us all about it. How she felt, how much hope it gave her, how it affirmed her suspicions that God DOES actually want us to come back and to be happy on this life and the next. That He does accept us and has provided a way for us to be perfected. We had an amazing lesson with her about the doctrine of Christ. I love the doctrine of Christ–I’m just swimming in it. And as I’ve been studying and teaching it more and more, it is sinking into my heart more and more. I love that. What a blessing it is to be able to study and learn and teach and then learn some more. The Lord truly has a plan, and I can see Him refining me and helping me along as I try a little harder to be a little better.

Back to Sharon–she is doing well. We went back last night and had asked her to write down impressions or thoughts she had throughout the week–we are trying to help her recognize the Spirit.  She presented a list yesterday of very simple things–“call mother,” “cheer up!” “Call Kathy,” etc.  under each one she wrote whether she did it or not and what happened. It was interesting to see that with each ting she didn’t follow through on, that person ended up calling her or something happened that helped whatever her impression was come to pass.  I thought it was so interesting. Her cat died this week and it was super hard on her.  And she had thoughts and ideas to call a friend or to stop moping around, and didn’t do much about it. But then those people called her, or something happened that made the load lighter and the day brighter. I feel strongly that the Lord was blessing her as she was at least being aware enough to recognize little impressions and write them down, even if she didn’t always follow through with them. It was a witness to me of how anxious God is to bless and lift and comfort us. To send the spirit and to give us the opportunity to act on even a twig of faith. She is seeing it more clearly now–God as a Father and Friend. And more than seeing, she is feeling it. The comfort and peace of the gospel. We are so grateful that the doctrine of Christ is finally clicking with her. I want it to click with everyone. That our faith points us to a brighter future–to stop those things holding us back (repentance) and committing (covenants) to living better and brighter and taller and fuller.   And then comes the witness after the trial of your faith–after you’ve tried your faith and exerted yourself a bit–then comes the Spirit. And more comfort and revelation and sanctification.  More promptings, which lead us to act in faith and correct and repent and commit and grow. Truly this is happiness and progression in mortality.

It’s Christ.

It always was.


I had an awesome split with Sister Spencer on Thursday/Friday, too. She is an excellent human. Fun, HILARIOUS, and just up for whatever the Lord has coming. Whatever the plan is–she is down, and she will do it with a smile on and a seriously good looking dress on, too. She reminds me A LOT of our dear Riley Jane Myer (pants on fire).  I’m grateful  we meet so many different people while we serve–I learn so much. I am renewed and inspired and excited to go at it again after every interaction.

Church was great this week. We were VERY surprised to not have Christina or Yessica or Oscar (they come every week!) show up. But the Lord is so good, and we had three show up to our second ward–two of which we usually don’t see. That was so great. Joanne is doing well–her granddaughter, too. We went by yesterday and had a lesson and Hermana Vicino said goodbye. I’m so stoked because we’re having a ward picnic next Saturday and they ALL committed to coming. Even Steve (Amber’s dad) and Amber! Also–Steve’s last name is Martin. And we have a Bob Wiley in the ward….love it.

Celin is a star. Progressing well and came to church last week. All is looking very well for her baptism at the end of the month. I’m feeling a little….inadequate? Nervous? Hopeful?…don’t know what the right word is….about these upcoming cycles. Sister Fransler only speaks English, so all of our Spanish investigators (most of our progressing investigators–Celin, Oscar, Christina, Yessica, Hugo) will be having lessons with mostly just my words and testimony. And this is Sister Fransler’s last cycle, so I hope she’s not bummed that we’ll be doing a lot of Spanish.  Hmmm, we’ll see how it all works out.

I’ll let you know! I love you. Oh so much. I love this work and I love my life. It is bright and fun and good–and it’s all from Him. I love serving with Him. I am feeling my Savior’s love more and more each day.

¡Hasta luego!

Hermana Boud



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