August 19, 2015 Week #56 Discover the world and talk to Him


The city from the water


Ellis Island there in the background

Hola hola hola

Pues, aquí estamos. Uno de los élderes me dio recuerdo de je me voy solo en algunos meses por la casa. Wow. Me siento un poco nerviosa porque no sé donde se fue el tiempo…? Así es, he oído, con la misión. Y aun con la vida.

Pon tu hombro a la lid!

Well this week has been awesome. It is weird to have a companion that is going home–she is my first “last-cycle-missionary.”  I’m seeing the flight itinerary and the packing….WEIRD. But the plus is that I get to go to the city with her today! We’re seeing the Statue of Liberty, walking down Wall Street, and hitting the New York Public Library and Korea Town. Yeah–Korea town. I didn’t know they had one, either. But, I’m stoked to try out some new food and compare it to dear old Chinatown.


Liberty and Justice for ALL


Ferry ride over


There were at least 20 countries represented–I didn’t realize how many were involved in the Korean War.


This week has been fun. So fun. We did a service project for Sharon and moved mounds and mounds and MOUNDS of firewood into her basement for her. It was hot and a lot of work. She is 60 or something, and was right there with us stacking the wood floor to ceiling in her inferno-like basement. I emerged sopping wet with sweat dripping down my face and the flannel I had worn to keep the poison ivy off. What a miracle we didn’t get any–it was all over the firewood. Don’t worry Mama–it goes in the furnace and is not for a bonfire, so she won’t get poison ivy all over her face. I told my companion about that and she was paranoid the whole time that we would breath it in and it would react in our lungs or something…but I’m feeling pretty good.   And Sharon was so so grateful. I hope it touched her heart–our religion is kindness.

On Saturday we had our big double ward picnic. We had 5 investigators confirm they were coming and then…! No one came. That was a bummer. BUT, we were able to spend time with the ward and get to know them better. That’s a plus for sure, because ward members are the key to missionary work.  A testimony/person/life is always stronger/better/richer when supported by other covenant keepers–others keeping that same faith.  As a missionary, it is so much easier to invite everyone to church and to the activities knowing that there are loving, kind, faithful people from the ward attending, too.

Anyway, I enjoyed getting to know them. And they all were pretty impressed with my softball skills–aka that I could hit the ball and run the bases and catch every fly ball that came within the remote proximity.  Ha! I love being a girl.

Celin is doing well. I love her very much. She has so many questions that are making me stretch and ponder and search and ask all over again. She is helping me become a better believer of Christ–I don’t think she realizes that. SO many questions about the spirit world and the premortal life. So many different things/angles of how she sees it all. It is wonderful. She is made of something else.

A little bit ago we tracted into a man named Angel. He has such a big heart and is so humble. So humble. So grateful to have someone that knocked on his door to talk about God. We sat out on the porch and taught about the restoration. As we taught on his front two blue steps, I was keeping my eyes on these large black billowing clouds coming toward us–a raindrop here and there. The lesson went really well and when Sister Fansler recited the first vision, he grabbed his heart and said, “you can feel it when she says that” referring to the Spirit. He seems to be well acquainted with it already. It was really cool. Suddenly, the few raindrops turned into millions and we huddled under the porch instead of on the stairs. We kept teaching and when we talked about the prophets (he had some questions), Sister Fansler held up a picture of President Monson and I looked right into Angel’s eyes and said “I know that Thomas S. Monson is the Lord’s true prophet today.” CRACK!!! A lightning strike hit and sounded and felt and looked like the house next door. Angel looked up and said, “He knows!”  It scared us and, then, I was so impressed and thought it was the coolest thing to be out in a thunder and lightning storm–literally watching the lightning hit other objects and praying we wouldn’t get killed–teaching the restoration and testifying of the truth. I felt like Heavenly Father was giving His Amen to us. Angel certainly was impressed by the timing of the storm and our visit. We finished and watched more lightning as we did so, and right when we shook his hand to leave, the storm stopped and we walked to our car without a single drop of rain or getting electrocuted.

That was pretty amazing.

We met with some members in the ward that recently were sealed in the temple.  We talked about that and then prayer. It was such a blessing to go in that direction–apparently they really needed it. Since they’ve gone to the temple and have been sealed as a family, they’ve slacked with their prayers–family and individual. The lesson touched their hearts, and mine was, too, as I saw the Lord talking with and teaching His kids in that time. I felt so honored to be a part of it. They live in this amazing and fun house–taking care of the property for the ridiculously rich owners.  They live there for free and it is BEAUTIFUL.  My dream. And to just mow the lawn all day and work with the animals and then have it all in which to raise my kids. Wow. What a dream. It looked like a barn from the outside, but inside was a total home. On either side of the living room, there was a loft–the two oldest kids’ rooms. No door. Just open and really cool.  I thought that was BRILLIANT.  No door! No darkness or secrets. Just open and right there.

Really cool.

When we went to see a less active/recent convert named Gloria, we met two neighbor kids–Carmen and Jonathan. Carmen, especially, was something else. She wanted nothing more than to talk about God again and again and learn and pray. We showed the Because He Lives video, and she commented (keep in mind she is 6 or so) “I liked that it said, “God is here”.”  Later we asked her how we find Him, to which she thought for a long time, and then said, “I think we find Him when we discover the world and talk to Him.”

Wow–talk about wisdom. That touched my heart. When we discover the world.  When we see the world and discover it and make it our own and improve it and change it. When we help others and see their problems–discover their needs and help them. When we see clearly (John 3:36). And when we talk to Him–when we pray.

That’s how we find Him.  That’s how we’ve always found Him. I love that.


Shout out for Grandma.



Time is short because of the travels today, but all is well in the Poke. It has been remarkably hot the past few days….in the nineties.  And it feels like I am permanently just-out-of-the-shower with the humidity (Ew).


Off to Grand Central!

Love you!

Hermana Boud


Grand Central


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