September 16, 2015 Week #60 Transfers, Otra Vez


Our zone. Bless us. In the back middle is FLASH (apparently).


I’m staying on Poughkeepsie for this transfer and receiving Sister Hutchinson! She is way cool–I know her from the Bronx (she is serving in Concourse, where I started my mission). She is sporty and fun–I’m stoked.

I can’t believe it’s transfers again.  It has been crazy to get Sister Fansler all ready to go home. Man! The cycle flew by. And we had such a great time. My heart is really full–I am so grateful we could serve together.  She has been a breath of fresh air. So fun.

This week was excellent and so busy!  Packing and working and saying goodbye and church and a split up in New Paltz. Ha! No time like the last week to get everything done.

This week we met an older woman named Lorraine.  She LOVES family history work. She left us waiting at the door when we knocked because she was just in her old-lady-jammies and, when the door opened and we talked about her dogs for a bit, she let them out and they licked us for a long while. So cute. We taught a little about the Plan of Salvation and how families are eternal. I love eternal families. So so much. Her eyes were already bright with the Spirit of Elijah, and I’m so stoked to go back next Monday and see her again. She held the Book of Mormon and Plan of Salvation pamphlet so tightly. It was beautiful–what a blessing to find her!

“Families can be together forever through Heavenly Father’s plan.”  I love families. I LOVE them!  No wonder we came to earth in families. No wonder we are so loving and cute when we are little (we came straight from our Heavenly Family). No wonder we have temples and the gospel of Jesus Christ!  For the family. For us to be together and happy now and forever. This week when we saw Yesica and Oscar and Cristina, we talked about that a lot. The law of chastity, and how obedience brings blessings. Obedience brings eternal families. I felt so good as I explained and talked about the law of chastity–how is that for “weird.”  It is always so hush hush in the church. “We’re going to be learning about the law of chastity today, young women!” SIGH.  GRUNT. Ha! That’s how it always was. It’s been interesting to teach it so much on my mission–you all know that seems to be the struggle of my mission (getting people to GET MARRIED SO THEY CAN BE BAPTIZED.  Connie, Rosa, Ada, Cati, Adalberto, Yesica, Hugo, Oscar, Cristina, etc.). Man! But it has given me the opportunity to learn more each time I teach it and exhort and persuade and tap dance and do everything I can to get them to understand and have a desire to obey. And as I’ve taught it, it is in no way “hush hush” to me now. In fact, I LOVE it!  NO DUH, we have the law of chastity. NO DUH we don’t look at pornography.  The whole point of the Plan is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of [families].  We have the law of chastity because we want an eternal family–with as little heartbreak and heartache, struggle and challenges as possible.  We want to make it through together. And when we are true and faithful, we are united and powerful. We are promised from God that we will be happy.  “In this there is safety and peace.”


Sorry about the rant.

We had some wonderful lessons about it this week, and I am really stoked and hoping and praying that it will take root in our investigators. That these seeds of truth will finally take root and grow, and that they will choose to act in faith. Choose to believe.

In other news, we visited with a few potential investigators–one, named Maureen, who studies extra terrestrial life and read the Book of Mormon and thinks Moroni is an alien/angel thing. It was very interesting, actually, to hear her point of view. She believes in a lot of the same things, but just views them a little differently/off. Termed differently… was very interesting. She had a deep purple front door and her bright blue eyes shone as this little old 78 year-old lady came out. She was cute. We returned her to Heavenly Father for further preparation.   But I did enjoy the adventure of hearing her theories and arguments.  Broad minded–at least she was well-read.

Things are cooling off up here, and I am looking forward to less extreme heat….but not so much to the snow. I am HOPING and PRAYING it will stay away until December or January. I don’t want to drive in the snow! Maybe they’ll ship me back to the Bronx… Ha, we’ll see.

Enjoy your week! Love you all.  Oh! So much.

Hermana Boud


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