October 7, 2015 Week #63 Conference. Sustained.


Hermana Hutchinson and I went to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Museum. Wonderful!


Wow, another week.  There it was!

Conference was INCREDIBLE.  Amen, anyone?  Really, just incredible. And how about the shout out to the NY NY North mission by Elder Rasband? Ha!  All the missionaries sitting in the chapel when he said that smiled and raised their hands in celebration.  Ha.

I loved President Uchtdorf’s call to simplicity–being a simple disciple of Christ. My thoughts turned toward Peter and his fellow fisherman as he explained the clear and simple doctrines of the gospel.  We claim to love and abide by the Book of Mormon, don’t we? And isn’t it comprised entirely of those plain and precious, aka simple, things?  Nephi said “the more plain and precious parts of [the prophecies/doctrine] should be written upon these plates; and that the things which were written should be kept for the instruction of my people, who should possess the land, and also for other wise purposes” (1 Nephi 19:3). 1–instruction of his people (his people being those that believe in Christ).  We are instructed to live the gospel of Christ–to have faith and repent; to be baptized and honor our covenants as we enjoy the companionship of the Holy Ghost and go to the temple (enduring to the end). 2–for other wise purposes.  May one of those wise purposes be to keep us from getting too overwhelmed with our weaknesses and save us the headache of crafting an extraordinary and beautiful and intricate quilt while preparing for Relief Society? The wise purpose of keeping us sane as we raise our families and live after the manner of happiness?  Ha. Bless us.

President Monson didn’t look too good…..I love him.  Praying for him. This week has been excellent. Seems to be a trend in the mission.  Ha!

We have a few new investigators–I am so excited about them. Two in particular…named Laura and Scott.  They are referrals from a member up in Cedar Hills, Utah, and somehow we got their information.  We knocked in their door late one night and caught them at a bad time, but left a Book of Mormon and they told us to come back the next day.

When we did, we found that Laura was SO interested. She had skimmed through the book, especially the pictures at the beginning and is aching to learn more.  “I’m a person who doesn’t believe in coincidence. If you knocked on my door and want to talk about God, I know there is a reason, so I really would like to learn more about this book.”  Wow. I about cried hearing that. We had a great first lesson and are expected to go back on Thursday.

We met another woman named Adrian this week.  I was skimming through our former investigators, and saw her name, and realized she lived just a few minutes away. We knocked on her door, and found that she has some serious questions about life. About her own church.  She has tons of family who are members–though her husband is very anti….–and is wanting to learn more “undercover.”  So that will be fun…but we are so exited anyway!  It was neat to talk to her about the Book of Mormon and invite her to conference, and Hermana Hutchison and I felt so blessed to be led to her door.  It was like she was waiting for us.

Last one (I’ll share) is Ilene. She, too, was just an old name in the area book.  We passed by a few weeks ago and found her sister both times.  Then this time we found her!  Ha, I didn’t know they are identical twins, so I was talking to her like she was her sister, but then realized she had no idea what was happening.  Man.  They got me so badly and they didn’t even plan it! Well, we got on the same page as she explained that she was Ilene and not Diane…and then we had an excellent lesson. She has so many questions about life. About God. About her church. She doesn’t believe in its teachings at all.  We’ll see her again this week, too, and we’re so grateful to have found her. With all of this, it has made me think of how grateful I am to have the true gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. To have all the answers I do, and all the answers I’ll need right here. And with prayer as a constant guide and tool, I can know and learn and see more and more everyday.

Update: Yesica and Hugo are planning on getting married in two weeks! We’re excited. So excited.

Love you! The gospel is true. And it is so beautifully simple.  Faith. Repent. Baptism. Holy Ghost. Temple.  Enjoy to the end.


Hermana Boud



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