September 30, 2015 Week #62 Oomie, Who me?


Gloria and her son Jacob. We are teaching Gloria!

Hello one and all!

We had such an excellent week.  So good! The Lord is really blessing us and helping us along as we strive to help Him in this work!

Man.  Where to begin?

We had a great weekend with Women’s Conference and then fast Sunday.

On Saturday night, both the wards got together and we had a potluck dinner and then went upstairs for the conference. Yesica and Cristina came and very much enjoyed themselves, and we had SEVERAL less active members with whom we’ve been working come, and bring their moms and sisters! So great.  It was the best. I loved the call to virtue. The call to be virtuous. To not contact the old boyfriends on Facebook and to THROW away the pornography and the unkindness and the immodesty.

I want to be virtue. I want us all to be virtue.

On fast Sunday, several of us in our district were fasting for rain.

Yesica needs a rainy day in order to be able to go to city hall with Hugo (who has work off when it rains) so they can get their marriage license. It was so cool to be fasting and praying together.  We were in high spirits, just waiting for the miracle to come. We had a long zone study with President Smith yesterday–it took up most of the afternoon, and then we had interviews and a training by the APs.

Earlier that day we were supposed to meet with Yesica, but she called and canceled because her grandpa passed away and she had to go be with her Family.   We were bummed….hoping that they are all ok. Needing to travel now to Mexico and having the funeral and everything. And then we got a call from Yesica last night. We were a little nervous because she usually just texts us. We answered and asked how things were–fine. And then she told us that she GOT THE LICENSE!!!! Aka she can get baptized as soon as they get married! We are SO pumped!  What a miracle.  I am so grateful–everything worked out, even in the midst of this trial.

Last night, we were also able to meet with Odelia. We found her back in August with Hermana Vicino, and it’s been so hard to meet with her because of her schedule. We found out that Skype is a reliable option for her, so we’ve been meeting over Skype every couple days.

Yesterday, she cut me off when I invited her to be baptized with a big “I would LOVE that!”  Bendiciones. We are so pumped!


The week has just been so great.  Hermana Hutchison and I are stoked and everything is going great.  The Lord is really blessing us as we work hard and plan hard and go hard.

We are so excited for General conference, too. I feel like it is Christmas.  As we’ve been inviting people to come and teaching about the Book of Mormon. We have met so many interested (and interesting) people. To hear that we have a living prophet on the earth. And to hear that he is going to be talking to us and teaching us what our Father would have us know for these upcoming six months–people just light up.   As they should!!

This was HILARIOUS:  we had just a half hour or so, and so we stopped to tract this neighborhood by our apartment. We had tracted a few doors the day before, and placed a Book of Mormon, had a good time. So we got out of the car today and said hi to some people and went over to talk with them.  Sierra–she is cool.  I see some potential in her.

The other lady–I don’t know her real name….not much potential.  She was kind of yelling at us about tax right-offs and how Jesus Christ’s name isn’t really Jesus Christ. She was all mad about the language translation or something…..ANYWAY–I cut her off at one point and stuck my hand out and said, “I’m sorry, what’s your name?”  She is from Haiti and responded that her name was Oomie Khadija (I’m not sure about that last name…?). Hmm, I thought. Oomie.  As I cut her off again about ten minutes later to leave, I said, “bye Oomie!” and then Herman Hurchison looked at me and said “that’s not her name.”  YIKES.

Ha! She had said, “who, me?” when I asked her what her name was. HA!!!!  Hermana Hutchison and I were DYING when we got into the car and we were trying so hard not to BUST up laughing while talking to this lady! Ha! At church, I had this thought again and again about that lady… She had a scarf on her head and big dark sunglasses. I could hardly see her face as she spoke. Anyway, that contact turned into basically twenty minutes of us listening to her rant about religion and politics and money.  Part of the rant was about Jesus Christ. “Don’t waste your time with Jesus Christ,” she told us. I felt a wall go up when she said that–and you know what? It felt so GOOD to have that wall go up.

I am not wasting my time with this Jesus. Only with you, lady! Ha.

Anyway, she was all upset because we insist on calling Him “Jesus” instead of Yesua, or something like that. The original Hebrew name (which doesn’t have “J” sound, she said). She was talking about how our life/heaven is like logging into a webpage.  We each have our username, but if we are using the wrong password — “Jesus” instead of “Yesua”– we are locked out of our “account.”  I liked the analogy, but I also thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever.  His name is just translated. To me, it is like saying Jesus Christ and Jesucristo.

The same, but in English and Spanish. Same man. And however our tongue is able to express His name, it is under the name of Jesus Christ that we are saved. It reminded me a lot of Rosana in Olmstead. She is Rosa’s little daughter. We would whisper to her what to say in the prayer, and every time we said “in the name of Jesus Christ,” she would say “the name is Jesus Christ.”  And it is! The name IS Jesus Christ.

And I am grateful for that man and that name. I love that man and that name. I love all that that name means.

Have the best week! Love you.


Hermana Boud



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