November 18, 2015 Week #69 Hola


At the summit of Breakneck Ridge Trail. Again.


Sabbath day. It’s been on my mind! We taught the Relief Society class on Sunday and in my preparation for it (President Benson’s chapter 22 “Carrying the Gospel to All the World”), I came across these lines:

“The world wants to be rich, but won’t pay their tithing.  They want to be healthy, but won’t live the Word of Wisdom. They want world peace, but won’t keep the sabbath day holy.”

How interesting that world peace is coupled with keeping that commandment… Wasn’t there a law irrevocably decreed before the foundation of the world upon which all blessings are predicated? And when we receive any blessing [world peace] it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.


What a gift the sabbath day is!  To be able to sit back and reflect on the “captivity of our fathers.”  Think about our Savior and how He delivered them and will deliver me and will comfort and lift and succor me in the exact way I need.  Commune with Him.  What a gift to have a whole DAY dedicated exactly to the preservation and edification if that holy relationship with God.

We have found some awesome new investigators this week–I am stoked, especially that a few of them have family behind their doors. I’m excited to follow up with them and teach about the restored gospel…..the message we bring has such a special spirit.

I know it is true.

One new investigator, named Amanda, is a star.  She had several questions about religion in general. A lot of people I’ve met have so many questions about religion in general…..they’ve mostly all been baptized in one church or another when they were babies, but it has no meaning to them, especially as they get older and are on their own.

Not really having gone to church as kids, their baptism seems hollow to them and they feel obligated to “be” Catholic, or evangelical, etc. I am always struck with how much each of them, though, feel that there is a God and that He is good, and are just confused with all the religions there are.  Everyone seems to be a “modern-day” Joseph Smith. Which is SO cool because the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored and this is what will bring lasting peace and happiness. I love carrying this message. And I love being a fly on the wall when people feel the Spirit.   Their countenances change.  That’s what happened with Amanda.  A few answers, a few minutes, and the Spirit is there and there is peace.

So cool.

This week it really hit me how simple the gospel is. Hermana Hutchison is the most simple disciple.  She just believes. She just reads her scriptures and prays and goes to church.  I’m so glad those are the primary answers that everyone knows, because those are the things that will take us Home.  Just read.  Just pray.  Just go to church.

Answers and light and understanding DO come.  After the trial of your faith.

It will all be ok.

Love you! Duh.

Hermana Boud


They meant it when they said BREAK NECK. They just left out the “your”.


Ta Da!


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