December 9, 2015 week #72 Feliz diciembre


Hola hola hola

Awesome week.  Transfers today–hard to say goodbye to Hermana Hutchison as she flies home tomorrow. Can’t believe it!  I love her. I’m so grateful we served together.


I will be in Poughkeepsie with Sister Thompson (English) for the last three weeks and then we’ll both head home mid-transfer on January 1. I’m excited to be up here – especially with “A Savior is Born.”  So stoked! Share it, please.  There is a follow up video – an animation of what the world would be like without a savior.  It is powerful – and my heart is touched so deeply every time when it says “He understands you.  He heals us.” He does. I know that. I love that, and I love that people are generally more open to being understood and healed around this time of year.

The other night we were tracting and no one was opening the door.  In all the doors we knocked, one guy opened the door.  He was a born again Christian, and not interested.  “Good job girls.” Thanks.

We had three cards left when we finished the street.  We decided to turn the corner and keep going, and passed the deli on the corner.  We walked passed it entirely, and then stopped and saw that there was a little side door with a huge “beware of dog” sign on it.  We rang the doorbell and after a minute, a woman opened the second story window and called down to us.  We stood there for about fifteen minutes getting to know her and explaining who we are and why we were there. Jaquelyn explained that she had recently moved here and was looking for a church, especially after talking with a local minister and he shutting her down hard because she hadn’t yet donated to his church. She cried a little as she told us, and her sincerity touched my heart. We slipped a Book of Mormon in her mail slot and she gladly accepted it.

I’m so stoked to see her soon!

This weekend Hermana Hutchison and I made a bunch of hot chocolate and went to Casa Latina to hand it out free to everyone in an effort to share the new initiative.  It was SO fun!  Ha! Plus we found a bunch of Spanish people, which can be few up here. We had a blast, but more than anything it was so great to spread some holiday cheer.  Free hot chocolate really surprised everyone, and we were met with warm smiles and “Merry Christmas” as we handed out everything we had.


Passing out hot chocolate at the market!

We caught just a bit of the Christmas devotional – have been listening to it in the mornings.  I was touched by the story of the man with the wheelchair.  Spending all his life in a chair or bed – unable to do anything on his own, and wanting so badly to…be free.  When he heard of a local wheelchair drive, we waited and waited in line, so anxious and hoping that there would be a wheelchair for him after spending his life – now an adult – home bound.  It was his turn and he sat down and took off.  Slowly, then faster, then throwing wheelies and going all over.  Ecstatic.  Then, he came back, and got out of the chair and have it back – his turn being over, not realizing that the chair was his to keep.

I picture how hard that must have been (probably for me because of my selfishness!) to give that chair back.  And how he did so…so willingly, and with so much gratitude that he could experience that for even a few minutes.

And when they told him that it was his, his eyes welled up with tears.  So grateful.  So…full.  Gratitude is a virtue, and that story warmed my soul.  Am I that grateful for anything? For my Savior, most of all? I am reminded of the Nephites, who went and touched his hands and his feet and side, one by one.  Anxiously waiting in line, waiting my turn, ready to meet my savior. And then having my turn, my moment, my time – “popping wheelies” and rejoicing exceedingly for just that time I have with Him – only to return Him.  Still hold that memory in my heart, but not realizing that He is mine to keep.  “My Jesus” as Nephi calls Him (2 Nephi 33). As I think of my life and my most spiritual and touching and personal moments with God, I can see in myself that sometimes I just wait in line and then have my turn and then go back to normal life.  Being healed, yes, but not taking that Gift with me. Loving and honoring the memory for sure!  But not embracing the Gift forever.  Do my eyes well with tears when I realize that He is not just there after waiting in line, or after goofing up, or after a broken heart? But that he is always there?

Like that little video said–“He understands you.  He heals us.”  And He does so constantly and perfectly, if we let Him.

Ponder his birth and his life.  And let’s say thank you forever, shall we?

Love you all. Happy happy December!  Only to get happier.

Mm hmm.

Hermana Boud


A member, Becca, just got engaged! So stoked for her!


Long live the Poke Zone


My zone gave this to me at our last zone conference because I leave mid-cycle. Ha!


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