November 25, 2015 Week # 70 Acción de gracias


Hola hola hola

This week has been a blur.  Sister Hutchison’s birthday was on Friday and it was a blast.  We saw a bunch of people and I enjoyed watching her receive her birthday wishes.   What a blast!

I can’t even believe that a Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  When did that happen?  The year has flown by. And here we are again.  I have so much for which to be grateful.  So much.  Especially as I look back on this whole year and see the Lord’s hand in it again and again.  From the Bronx up to Poughkeepsie….it’s been quite the journey, and I know Heavenly Father and my Savior have been there every step.

We had some awesome lessons with Joanne this week.  The spirit is so strong and she can feel it.  I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to be a part of her conversion.  She was not very sensitive to the spirit when I first got here. And as time has gone on and I’ve gotten to know her more and see her grow and come to know her Savior…its just been a beautiful journey.  She said recently, “You know, I really can feel the spirit. Whenever I pray and ask God for it, it comes.”  We questioned a little further to see what the difference has been and she responded, “I’ve just learned to recognize it. I can feel it now.”

That was the coolest thing to hear, and I can tell when she is feeling the Spirit. I can see it on her face when she feels that peace and that pleasing voice that pierces to the very soul.  Her eyes get glossy with tears and she sparkles.

What a blessing to be a fly on the wall for that learning process.  I love Joanne!

Today was a great day.  I was on a split with sister Gardner and we toured around the city for a bit.  It was so fun to be back in the city, even to just walk around (all we did). This was really neat: we stepped into a little hot chocolate and cookie store (heehee). Sister Gardner turned around and the lady behind her had a Broncos beanie on. She asked if she was from Denver, to which the woman responded, “Yes!” Then looked at our name tags and said, “Missionaries!”  She was a member there with her family, recently moved from Colorado.  Their seventh grader named Hallie had just gone to the temple for the first time and done baptisms.  It was such a tender mercy to meet that family, who insisted on buying our hot chocolate, and wished us well.

I am grateful for my membership in this Church! I love this gospel. And it makes me SO happy to see fellow saints with their families, going to the temple, serving, living and growing and progressing. All of us together–love that!

I’m reading in 3 Nephi and was really touched by chapter 9.  After these people, our dear Nephites, are falling and hardening again and again even after SO MANY signs have been given.  Sister Gardner and I talked about that today….how often we forget! How closed-minded we can be to all the many signs and blessings we have in our lives.  As I thought about all the signs they had been given, I reflected on all those that have been given to me.  But the greatest of all being the spirit. That quiet witness of the quiet miracle of our Savior, who “opened not his mouth” in the midst of so much pain and sorrow.  Who gave His all….and who did it so openly and metabolized all negativity into hope and love.

He is the Gift.  He is the miracle.

I’m grateful for that little babe in Bethlehem.

And for each of you.  I can feel your prayers, and they hold me up.

Thank you! I love you! Oh so much.

Hermana Boud


This is Isabel…she is SO small. And I love her.




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