December 23, 2015 Week #74 Feliz Navidad mis queridos!


Our Christmas mission devotional with Sister Thompson!

Hola hola hola

Still here!  This week was so great.  It’s been crazy because when we leave, our area will close, or rather get absorbed by the elders working in our area.  All our investigators will be passed off and we have been hurrying to do our exchanges with our sisters in preparation for us leaving.  Crazy!


Fink-asaurus is still a lot taller than me!


She plays volleyball f0r BYU Hawaii

We have a mission-wide goal of finding 1,000 new investigators in the month 0f December. Last week was ROUGH, tracting and finding.  We had so many people talk to us and hold the Book of Mormon, and then giving it back and not take our cards and not do anything.  It was such a let down every time!  So many solid contacts and then they would just turn away and shut off so quickly.  It was really weird, actually–especially that it happened several times. Sister Thompson and I were planning on Saturday night for Sunday and we had zero new investigators (NI). Looking at the next day and seeing 8 hours of meetings left us with a little over three hours to find five new investigators (our goal for the week).

It was kind of dim.

But I had been praying all week that we would be able to find interested people, and I the faith–or at least a lot of hope–that something would happen.  After church, we quickly ate and went to Poughkeepsie and got into some small apartment buildings. We knocked on the four doors surrounding the small stairwell on each floor and caroled.  No one opened the door. Except Maribel, a kind Spanish young woman.  She listened and when we finished our verse we showed her the Christmas video and introduced the Book of Mormon.  She was so kind, and scooped up her little four year old in her arms to watch with her.  She took the Book of Mormon gratefully and told us to come back the following Sunday (her only day off).  What a miracle that she only has Sunday’s off!  No one seems to have Sunday’s off.  I am excited for the elders to start teaching her. We were so stoked that we found one!

To give a little more context: On Saturday while on a split with Sister Moe, we had literally 12 minutes before an appointment. I remember vividly the desire to just go a little early and write up our lesson reports. But I desperately wanted some new investigators. So I just pulled over on a random street–Oakley St. in Poughkeepsie. Knocked on 3 or 4 doors. One opened–a man named Omar who was just leaving and obviously not interested, more startled than anything.  We gave him a Restoration Pamphlet and asked if there would be another good time to come. “Tomorrow.”

So we went by “tomorrow.”  But before going, I had the desire to just not go and try some other “more promising” lookups to achieve our goal of five new investigators. We had one with Maribel.  Just four more. But then, we just decided to go (now I’m back with Sister Thompson). We knocked on the door.  No answer.  Knocked again, harder.  Someone came to the door, looked at us, then left.  DANG.  I started writing a note for them, preparing to leave a Book of Mormon on the porch. The girls then came to the side window and we asked for Omar.  “There is no Omar here.”  With a little more probing, there was an Omar there, and they went to go get him.  He came out and we asked if we could show the family the Christmas video.  We got invited in and sat down with him and his two daughters and niece. We started A Savior is Born and then people just started filing in!  Saphrina came in and then Claudia.

Then more kids. There were eight people in all–only little Leon was younger than 8. We introduced the Book of Mormon and taught a little about the Restoration.  We testified it was true and everything was so quiet and peaceful.  The spirit was there with us. That all felt so good.  It was an awesome first lesson.

They are ALL new investigators and I am so stoked!!! I’m so sad I leave in a 2 weeks….I can’t keep teaching them.  But I’m so grateful that we have elders to pass them off to.  It was such a Christmas miracle.  I floated out of that lesson and the moment we got to the car we prayed in gratitude for that family and for helping us find them.  Such a Christmas miracle!

God is so good.


Bishop and Sister Berardi. Bishop Berardi has reshaped my perception of looking after “the one.”

I do believe the Lord will sustain us in our efforts to achieve our goals.  He will make all things work out for our good.  Always. I love Him.

I’m so grateful to be a missionary during Christmas time.  A friend’s email suggested that Christmas is actually just a Spanglish term–Christ Más. Más (or more) of Christ. I feel that.  More Christ.  More joy, more love, more family, more home.

Love you all so much!  Love our Savior more.

Hermana Boud




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